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Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score -1, Troll) 415

Luckily. Right. You know, it's pretty sad that as a race, we decide to abort our mistakes. If you can't make the adult decision to live with your choices, perhaps it's best to either abstain from sex, or get tubes tied (man and woman).

It's not like shopping for groceries were you say "you know, I decided I don't want that apple", and then toss it.

People that are pro-abortion have no say-so when it comes to the loss of life in war and strife. Human life is human life. At least be consistent about it.

Comment Re:State regulators decided? (Score 1) 359

So, CA outsourced its base-load. I truly hope the surrounding states ass-rapes Cali to the point where the solve the issues themselves that match their green initiative rhetoric. Maybe they can hire Elon to pitch the whole Powerwall thing. But in all seriousness, how can state full of high technology innovators not be leading the rest of the world on energy? Probably because all they're good at is VC and selling ideas?

Comment Re: Morons (Score 0) 359

When Democrats are control, I'm no longer convinced they're simply the cause, rather, the effect of the populous being so fucking stupid to begin with. When you have a nation or state that's that fundamentally broken, you can kiss any and all hope goodbye for the future.

When the indigent put a drain on the government, taxes are paid for by the middle class, not the wealthy.

Comment Re:What did you THINK would happen? (Score 1) 428

No, you are wrong.
The police went in after being told that someone had MURDERED his father and was holding his mother and sister hostage.
The police went in with the intention of saving the hostages and a male walked out the door and they made a mistake.
Had the call been real the officer would have been a hero.
The intent of the SWATER was to commit a felony for money and or the LOLs.
The officer should lose his job the SWATER should go to jail for a very long time.

Comment Re:Yes. Yes it is. (Score 1) 534

You must be talking about Government if it's in regards to performing unnecessary public sector work... My job is abstract, as most are, but yields tangible results in efficiencies. I'm capitalizing (getting a cut) on a portion of the savings from said increasing efficiencies. It's a win/win situation. Less energy consumed, more people employed to do other meaningful tasks, and better yield of other's time to perform said tasks. Someone, at some point, that works its way back in some small part in serving my life better; from the products I purchase, to the services of labor rendered to me in exchange for the money I give.

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