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Comment Until Google gets bored (Score 1) 173

In a short interview after a talk at a security conference in Manhattan on Tuesday the talk, Ludwig said that, "for sure," there's no doubt that a Google Pixel and an iPhone are pretty much equal when it comes to security.

Maybe right now, but give it two years and then let's check back in on that claim...

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 203

When publishes a slightly negative rumour of an upcoming Apple product, everyone is like "Apple are such visionaries, removing buttons and speakers are such brilliance and wow, I'm going to cream myself over this for months".

You must have missed the headphone jack palava where the internet went on a near meltdown over the completely unsubstantiated and unconfirmed rumour that Apple were going to drop the headphone jack.

If iPhone 7 comes with a headphone jack, then several hundred of megabytes of wailing and screeching will have been written for absolutely no point.

Comment Annoyances (Score 1) 95

My two biggest complaints about Facebook is that I cannot get my stories ordered by time to be remembered and that it insists on telling me when a friend of mine does something to one of their friends - who, in the majority of cases, I don't know and don't care about.

News in my feed is pretty low down my list of gripes.

Comment Re:Unsustainable pricing on high tech gadgets (Score 4, Insightful) 115

The BOM for an iPhone 6 is around $242 and that doesn't take into account the costs for developing and maintaining the software, tooling, R&D, packaging and the 101 other things that go into building and launching a phone. All of which need to be amortised over the lifetime of the phone - as developing, testing and then deploying an update to a bunch of 2+ old phones isn't free.

(although many Android manufacturers have found that it can be free if they simply don't bother with pesky updates)

The only way it would be "more like $100" is if you pulled that figure out of your butt.

Comment Re:Slashdot has popup ads with data:text/html;base (Score 1) 204

Third time this week. I'm reading through slashdot comments on my mobile and get a popup ad with a "data:text/html;base64" url.

Ignoring the pop-up, I'm not sure why you willingly subject yourself to that torture.

Go install Avantslash on your server and read Slashdot on your phone that way.

Not only will your eyes thank you for it - but your data cap will too.

Comment Re:GPS = Hot! Not something I want. (Score 1) 159

For sports activities, my wife acquired a TomTom GPS watch (including pulse measuring). I regularly wear it for running, and never noticed it getting hot. Same goes for my Samsung android phone, I never noticed it heating up more than usual when GPS is active. I'd guess that implementation on the iPhone is less than optimal, or there's another reason for it getting hot.

I run with an iPhone 6 (and RunKeeper) for about an hour and it doesn't get hot. Sounds like something is broken.

Comment Re:I can buy that (Score 1) 254

And this is where the "learn to code" stuff is going. There are a lot of processes out there ripe for automation. Small and mid sized businesses are still being run by manual processes. I've shown multiple people that Excel can sort. (Yes, they were sorting by hand).

In my old company we used to have secretaries who would email people the day before they had a meeting room booking to check to see if they still needed it. It turned out that a lot of meetings were actually being moved/cancelled and people were forgetting to delete the room booking.

What pained me the most was that with a couple of hours of coding they could have had something which would have automated the vast majority of that work, allowing the secretaries to get on with doing something less mundane.

Comment Overpriced (Score 1) 48

It's probably the best attempt I've seen at increasing the iPhone's available storage (yeah, yeah, we know that Apple should allow microSD - you don't need to say it), but it seems rather overpriced.

Considering that cards from Sandisk are around $12 (32GB), $20 (64GB) and $40 (128GB) and considering $40-$45 for a case, then you should be looking at $55, $65 or $85.

Better yet, it should just have been sold as an empty shell of a case with a microSD slot for you to fill - although I appreciate that the profit margins on such a thing wouldn't have been quite so healthy.

Comment Re:Will they stop going backwards? (Score 1) 115

On the other hand I see QI charging as one of the best things to happen to phones in recent years, no more mucking around vs risking a flat battery. Removing QI from the 6P was a deal breaker for me.

As a counter-point, I think wireless charging (as it currently stands today) is a completely meh feature.

It has plenty of potential, but right now you're paying ten times more than a reversible cable - for pretty much the same limitations and a slower charging time.

This article explains my meh'ness better than I could.

Comment Solution isn't that hard (Score 1) 81

Put Windows onto a USB stick.

Download Double Driver and put on stick.

Back up the drivers using Double Driver onto a folder on the aforementioned stick.

Start the Windows 10 install. Go have dinner.

Copy the drivers to the hard drive.

Reinstall any drivers from the folder on the drive as and when you need them. I tend to find the default wireless one provided by Microsoft to be rather flakey.

Comment Not fully thought out (Score 1) 87

If a wpa_supplicant.conf file is placed into the /boot/ directory, this will be moved to the /etc/wpa_supplicant/ directory the next time the system is booted, overwriting the network settings; this allows a Wifi configuration to be preloaded onto a card from a Windows or other machine that can only see the boot partition.

For people running Windows, there is no /boot/ directory, it's the root of the microSD card. That would have been useful to state.

Secondly it's a shame this isn't documented in a file on the microSD after you've done the image.

Thirdly and even more annoying, is that there is no sample wpa_supplicant.conf file ready for you to modify and rename.

It's a great idea - pity that wasn't fully thought through :(

Comment The real problem explained (Score 3, Insightful) 190

The problem wasn't so much that you could share access to your network with your friends - it was that if you gave your WiFi password to someone (which what the majority of people do when they visit someone elses house) then you had to make sure that they didn't share access to your network with their friends.

The problem is that Microsoft cannot differentiate between someone who has the WiFi password because they own the connection and someone who has the WiFi password because they were told it. Microsoft made the assumption that if you have the password, then you have the right to offer that connection to others - but this is not what happens in the "real world".

Because of this incorrect assumption, the onus was suddenly placed on the owner of the WiFi (who does decide to provide their password) to police the entry of it into Windows 10 devices to ensure that a bunch of random people that they have never met aren't suddenly allowed to use their network.

That was why it was an issue.

Comment Re:What parts of capitalism young people dislike (Score 1) 1080

At a guess I would imagine the part where they don't get a job, can never buy a house, have a huge student debt loaded on them before they start their careers, and if they say anything bad about their situation, get called greedy and lazy by the people who have rigged the system to ensure they and their privaledged offspring own everything.

Capitalism is a bit like starting a game of Monopoly against someone who owns all but one of the properties on the board and 95% of the bank ... and if you don't win, you're considered lazy.

Comment Re:Is there an Emoji for DIAF? (Score 2) 226

Emojis need to go the way of geocities, real media, and flash. The sooner the better.

Actually, I disagree. Emoji support should be everywhere. Why? Because then it means that websites can stop insisting on changing :) into a smiley face.

The result, is that people who want to show a poo with a smiley face can, and those of us who want to show :) (or other such characters) can also do so without fear that it'll be changed into something else.

This is a win for everyone.

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