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Comment Re:The Quota Show (Score 1) 507

I actually agree with most of your post, but I did want to add one thing.

What bothers me about the "new" Star Trek is that this message is now delivered by sledgehammer. Look, we're progressive, we have an asian female nonbinary transgender captain. If it was at least an alien... but for some odd reason, alien captains are still a nono.

There seems to be a good chance that the male captain will be an alien (there was apparently some deleted tweet showing the captain with molding goo on his face).

Comment Re:Ford - Quality is Job Two (Score 2) 129

Yep, combined with the glut of used cars after the dearth of them from that pile of shite that was Cash for Clunkers. Since people bought many more new cars than normals and/or leased them, the amount of used cars currently on the market in decent shape is higher than it would otherwise have been.

Comment Re:Maybe this is a good thing? (Score 3, Interesting) 385

No, the parent poster is correct. In nature, you know what happens to an abundance of life that no longer serves a purpose in an ecosystem? They die, or fight back to survive. Nature would prefer they die. The optimal (not same as moral or ethical mind you) balance is an entire industry of AI and automation with 1/20th or even 1/100th the population we now have. And guess where we're headed. That's right, massive civil unrest. Bread and circuses is a stop-gap measure. And from where I can tell, the elite/political class is absolutely clueless. Meaning, we're all about to get fucked!

Comment Re:What boggles my mind (Score 1) 197

That's not what happened. It's an exploit in SMB. Meaning, the Ransomware is now a worm on the local subnet. Once someone behind the keyboard opens the malware in the form of an attachment to infect their PC, it then proceeds to scan the LAN and replicate to other computers via the SMB protocol exploit. Those computers in turn do the same thing. Lather, rinse, repeat.

FYI, SMB ports are open between client an server on any machine joined to a Windows Domain (Active Directory).

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