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Comment Re: Seattle just closed the I-90 express lanes (Score 1) 245

It is true that, given their weight, cars are much better on the highway with lower wind resistance. However, motorcycles use much less fuel in stop-and-go type situations then a purely petrol based car.

Motorcycles have the benefit of lower weight and the added expense of greater wind resistance. There is not much room to improve their mileage. Of course, this assumes you are looking at a model that is designed for efficiency and not the motorcycle equivalent of a mustang.

Comment Re:FFS -- NO! (Score 1) 74

In this regard, facial scanning is probably more secure then fingerprints. You can always distort your face if you want to prevent someone from unlocking your phone. Much harder to prevent someone from forcing you to press the screen. Then there is the added benefit that, if they really want to force you, they can not beat you too much - at least not above the shoulders.

Comment Re:So Make Hydrogen (Score 1) 324

with no relationship to the demand for water.

Actually, would peak solar activity not align with agricultural water requirements? If not, it would be relatively easy to store the water - just put it into a reservoir.

it's a totally worthwhile capital investment to make massive desalination capacity that you run a tiny percentage of the time

A much better point. Question is, what portion of a desalination plant's cost is for the energy consumed? If cost is driven primarily by energy consumption then the idea might be worth considering.

Comment Re:I thought.. (Score 2) 548

Rough-cut are not 2" by 4" anymore. Saws used to have a 1/4" kerf. A rough-cut 2x4 would then be more like 1 3/4 x 3 3/4. After drying and planing the final size would be 1.5 x 3.5.

Modern mills use a band-saw blade - a massive blade that is over a foot wide, sharpened on each end, and only ~1/16" thick. This generates minimal losses and maximises the obtained lumber from a log.

First the log is scanned and a computer determines how to best turn it into lumber. The water content is known so the cuts can be positioned to minimise planing losses. Hydraulics adjust the log position for each cut based on the calculated solution. Final lumber is just a little over 1.5 x 3.5. Once planed, it is exactly 1.5 x 3.5.

Comment Re:Impeachment (Score 4, Interesting) 146

How about something more likely.

1) Russia scored when hacking. Part luck and part hard work.

2) Wanting to get the most out of their hack, the Russians dangle knowledge of the hack in front of the Trump team. "Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

3) The Trump team jumps on the opportunity. Notice how Trump pushed through a policy for the Republican party that no weapons should be given to Ukraine? That was back scratching.

4) Release of the Hillary emails was perfectly timed and Trump gets elected.

5) Since then, the Trump / Russia relationship has soured. But Putin is still able to remind Trump that he has proof of Trump lying. Remember the White House visit just a couple of days after Comey was fired? That looks bad and Trump knows it. But since it was requested by Putin, he has to follow through. This is Putin yanking Trumps chain - a subtle reminder of the damage Putin could inflict upon Trump.

Comment Re:Wrong socket? (Score 1) 154

USB power negotiation is sort of crap. One can only assume the iDevice decided to draw too much power and the host was not capable of delivering the power and not smart enough to respond to the over-current event. Bad host USB design. USB-TypeC connectors completely revamp the way power delivery is negotiated and finally correct this issue with USB.

Comment Re:Capacitors! (Score 1) 35

I second that. At 50 deg below zero, it is hard for a light (LiPoly) battery to work correctly. This requires heating the battery modules to ensure they do not drop below freezing. But supercaps hold ~100 times less energy per unit weight so I suppose it depends on space limitations and the overhead associated with using LiPoly batteries. Scaled up (ie, 787), batteries are probably better. For this application, who knows...

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