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Comment Re:Best language for scientific/numerical work? (Score 3, Informative) 595

Look at Julia. It is similar to Go, Rust, Swift and the like in that it uses LLVM for generating the final machine code. It can be quite efficient. The language is designed for similar uses as Matlab - except it does not suck. I prefer Julia to Matlab for everything other then debugging - the Matlab debugger is great compared to what is available for Julia.

Comment Re:Will this stainless steel rust? (Score 1) 96

Stainless steel has a minimum 10.5% chromium. Generally, such steel does not rust but there are exceptions. Some expensive knife blades are outrageously hard and great at holding an edge. The compromise is that they are prone to rusting despite having the required amount of chromium to be called "stainless" steel. If you give the blade a quick wipe after use they are fine. It is when people cut acidic foods and do not rinse off the blade that they typically rust.

There are also cheaper stainless steels that could rust - or perhaps stainless steel that has not been made to spec.

Comment Re: And Nourse's _Blade Runer_ was excellent. (Score 1) 221

If true, it will not be due to "government" requirements. If anything, the hospital would be acting privately, gathering information, and selling it privately. Capitalism run amok. If required by government regulations then those regulations would be public. Any attempt to hide this sort of thing is bound to fail if every person in the hospital is aware of it.

Comment Re:Time to add encryption to civilian GPS? (Score 1) 194

That was not my impression on how GPS worked. The military GPS is the same GPS that everyone else uses. The difference is that the military can predict the noise that was added to the GPS signal - because they added it. Once you know the noise you can subtract it from the observed signal to get the ideal signal with optimal accuracy. So there is no encryption / decryption involved when observing a GPS signal. The encryption / decryption occurs when transferring / calculating the added noise - a completely different task.

Long story short - encrypting civilian GPS makes no sense the way GPS works currently.

Comment Re:A11 Macbooks may be a thing. (Score 1) 332

Take the difference between an A10 and A10X - 3332 vs 3882 or ~ 1.165. This demonstrates the speed improvement obtained with reduced thermal constraints - iPhone vs iPad. Apply this multiplier to this latest CPU to get a rough estimate of how a A11 powered laptop would perform. In single threaded benchmarks it is faster then the fastest MacBookPro - 4731 vs 4648.

Comment Early education more important (Score 3, Interesting) 162

Improvements to high school are fine - but they are not of that much importance. If America is ever going to achieve racial equality, quality early childhood education is required for all. When a child is behind their piers by a year or two it becomes almost impossible to catch up.

Children of parents that are financially secure are often enrolled in programs where they are taught to read, are exposed to more language, and perform activities designed to stimulate intellect. So while poor parents can find no time to spend with their children, wealthy parents are giving their kids a head start. It has been shown that this head start stays with them all the way to adulthood. Social mobility is reduced - the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich, one generation after the other.

Racial inequality will exist so long as racial stereotypes can be statistically validated. Without social mobility, historically poor racial groups with remain poor and the stereotypes will continue. It is a never ending circle - a horrible circle which human nature will ensure persists. Those that think we can change human nature are horribly naive. But we do have control of social mobility in the form of early childhood education.

Providing more early education will lead to breaking the circle which will invalidate the stereotypes and finally end all of this hatred. Education is the only thing we have control of so we should start there.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 94

If you purchase a "budget" Threadripper then you also require the appropriate motherboard and memory - assuming you plan on making use of the extra memory bandwidth. All of this costs a significant amount - why not pay a little bit more and get the extra 50% or 100% thread count? Alternatively, pay significantly less and get the Ryzen 7 series motherboard, memory, and CPU.

This low end Threadripper does not appear to have much of a market. It is tightly squeezed by the higher end parts and the lower end Ryzen. I suppose it makes sense for AMD to sell Threadripper CPUs with some broken/disabled cores at a reduced rate - someone will buy them. But I see little value in purchasing such a product. It would have to sell for 30% less to make up for the increased motherboard costs.

Comment Re:Stable at last! (Score 1) 186

Not just the CRT monitors. I have an iMac-i7 with a 27" LCD. After the LCD broke, I unplugged the LCD from the mainboard and switched to an external monitor. The Al case went from being bloody hot to fairly cool. The fan no longer has to turn on making everything much quieter. I was quite surprised that the majority of he heat was from the LCD and not the i7 CPU. FYI, it was a first gen i7 - model 820, or close to that.

Comment Hunted in groups (Score 1) 257

I was under the impression that young T-Rex where fast and feathered. They would herd prey into there older/larger siblings. This was based on some research that showed a T-Rex life cycle included an unusually large amount of time with a juvenile body. It also showed that they lived in groups - something that does not cater to a scavenging lifestyle.

Wait, this was for an Albertosaurus. But the T-Rex was very similar and likely had a similar lifestyle.

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