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Comment Re:Capacity planning (Score 5, Insightful) 196

Competent in...planning events?

Events need to have things. Bathrooms, for instance: Someone needs to figure out how many porta johns to rent. Figuring out the quantity of things like is the job of an event planner.

This event needed bandwidth and none was provided. That's a pretty gnarly failure, and being a "software company" instead of some other type of company does not excuse this guffaw.

tl;dr, this is like organizing an Oktoberfest event and forgetting to bring beer.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 207

The theory behind the certificate chains is a web-of-trust sort of theory.

In practice, it doesn't really work that way: Users are either greeted with no prompt and an unsecured connection, a prompt with a secured connection, or no prompt with a secured connection.

That's all the user knows...and that's if they're even paying attention.

(There's a fourth user-case of "The key has changed!!!2!!," but that's something that doesn't generally happen because DNS hijacking is uncommon these days.)

I mean, I'm here at /.. Chrome says "Secure" on the address bar. I can dig deeper and make sure that I'm talking to the /. that I want to be talking to, but I could've done that before with DNS...and I won't bother in any case, since I do not care who sees my /. rants (else, I would not be posting them).

All I really know is that the connection between myself and /. is encrypted, and that eavesdropping is limited.

And that's all I really know about any website, whether banking or otherwise.

Comment Re: Amazon Prime (Score 1) 104

Yes, as far as I can tell the discount applies to all creeds.

It's absurd, though. The other day I needed oil for my car, so (fucking yay) this means Walmart. I scoped out the prices of the other places that stock motor oil first, just to make sure that there wasn't a better price to be had (and there wasn't). So I get to the store and, lo! The shelf price of Mobil-1 is a dollar or so more than the online price (with "free pickup today").

It's cheaper for me, a consumer, to shop at home, pay in advance, and have an employee pull the stock, than it is for me to shop in person and pay on my way out.

It's absurd. But since the only thing I generally buy at Wal-Mart is motor oil (and mostly because shipping motor oil is a non-starter), and this is a thing that happens, I guess I'll just start doing abusing them. (Both because I'm a frugal prick, and because fuck Walmart. I hope they lose money on each sale, and given the prices the competitors charge, this might actually be the case.)

Comment Re:I remember BeOS (Score 4, Interesting) 352

I was accomplishing this on 486DX2 hardware using OS/2 in ~1994, and by 1995 on a P120.

Several years ago I stopped by a buddy's retail establishment. He was transitioning network to Ubuntu on more modern hardware (with OS/2 in a VM), but still had an old and crusty OS/2 machine (probably a K6-2, but maybe a DX4) on the bench by the back door.

This was the last time I ever saw such a thing in the wild.

It was remarkably snappy doing normal, productive things -- scanning documents, browsing web pages, writing and viewing proposals -- just like it was when it was built. (And what window tearing?)

Sometimes I think that the more abstraction layers we add, the slower things get. I think this coupled with programmer laziness (and/or pay based on lines of code), makes human-interactive things continue to behave just as slow as they have been for ~20 years.

Do we even use accelerated 2D desktop graphics anymore, or are we completely back to the bad old days of every application drawing into a dumb framebuffer?

Comment Re: That's stupid. (Score 1) 283

I am completely uneducated, and recently moved to a new city in the Midwest because I wanted to.

The very first job I applied for found pays $38k (which is adequate here), and has excellent benefits that far outweigh anything that might seem lacking in payscale. They hired me immediately.

Am I doing something wrong, or doing something right?

So far in my adult life, nobody has questioned my education or lack thereof.

Comment Re: My very old desktop PC. (Score 1) 143

Dude, it plays Crysis?

I retired from a 2008 rig late last year. It didn't seem slow, and to be sure the Q6600 was no slouch in 2008. I wasn't really looking for an upgrade.

But I had an opportunity to score some gear in exchange for not very much work. So: i3-6100, whose on-die GPU was on par with the performance of the huge, silly-thirsty Radeon card from before. 8GB of DDR4 was cheap at the time, and so was a B150 motherboard with caps that should outlive me.

I also took the opportunity to downgrade from a 750W PSU to an efficient Season unit (270-ish Watts).

It is stupidly fast compared to what I was using before. It sips power and runs essentially silently under load with stock cooling. The room it is in is no longer self-heating, and though it is hard to make a study of because I also changed houses, I feel that it has just about paid for itself in electrical expense in this short time.

It was habit forming, of course: I then discovered the joy of real hardware virtualization, which wasn't possible before. It then grew a separate, modern (but low-end, efficient) GPU and another 16 gigs of RAM.

Now I run whatever operating systems I want, concurrently. I did not expect to be doing this, but it's fun.

I'm amazed at how far hardware has come since 2008.

Comment Re:Le sigh (Score 2) 456

Sorry, but "AA battery" is how we commonly write it.

If you want to be pedantic and avoid ambiguation with war machines, then the correct nomenclature would be "AA cell", as a single cell cannot form a battery.

If you really, really want to be an ass, then call it an IEC LR6 or an ANSI 15A.

But spelling out like double-A? So the series goes:



No. Get out. And then get the fuck off of my lawn.

Comment Re:I was hoping for... (Score 1) 30

Sortof, I suppose.

I interpret it to mean that QC4+ chargers must also support USB-PD.

I don't see anything suggesting, one way or the other, as to whether handsets and other devices that use QC4+ must not also include USB-PD.

For all we know, a device may support both. Or not. We don't know.

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