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Comment if i were the author (Score 1) 278

i would help my naive little coworker out. first, there'd be none of this "but..but.. you're his girlfriend..." she'd get exactly what she asked for (and a lot more) and i'd get pictures (video if she lets me, and she probably will). then i'd show poor jerry and say "your girlfriend's a slut, so i did you a favor. now you can get the upper hand and dump her." and if he's a friend worth keeping, he'll get over it.

friends don't let friends get strung along for weeks or months by sluts. the author never learned this, but the manager, chuck, did.

oh, and pics or it didn't happen. it's sad when a code geek turns to harlequin fantasies to prop up his need to feel wanted.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 229

thanks, ac. i think. just want to clarify that positing a hypothetical scenario in which a woman might cause violence against a man is not the same as advocating it. on this site and around the internet people posit hypothetical scenarios for things they don't approve to make a point that it could happen. in the context of a joke, it's bad form to suggest one is advocating anything slapstick or otherwise negative should occur. at the least it shows you have no sense of humor and don't understand jokes. worst case, you can cause a misunderstanding that snowballs against you. one example is girlintraining getting several new assholes torn by the readership here. i'll give you another example:

suppose an overweight friend of mine jokingly compares himself to a car. i might then joke that if he steals the last of my cookies and it gives him a heart attack i'll have to put jumper cables on his nipples. nowhere in such a joke do i advocate electrocuting fat people with car batteries (even for the crime of stealing cookies). this is common sense. pick some up on your way home today. and yes, my fat friend thought it was hilarious (we were also drunk).

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 229

wow. just wow. i think you must be her.

look, it's a sort of "mobius strip" joke, where the logic twists on itself at the end. it was facetious. anyone not having a shitty day can see that. change your fucking tampon and move on, bitch. i'm not your fucking boyfriend so don't yell at me (don't hit me, either).

for all your trouble, my post is 50% mixed positive/50% troll (labelled troll), while your actual woman bashing poster has 50% funny/50% troll (labelled funny). so your crusade really, really, lost big time here.

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