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Comment Re:Allwinner. Nope. (Score 1) 121

Closer to home - the Broadcom code for the Raspberry Pi.

Do you mean the code that has been open source for 3 years now? I do believe the broadcom blob also executes under the vpu not the cpu. It sets up hardware that calls the kernel/the kernel calls. Not code running under the kernel. Any actual modifications to the kernel must be gpl'd. You can't just pre-compile the parts you don't want to open source and never distribute them. This has been discussed to death at length.

Comment Re:Allwinner. Nope. (Score 1) 121

They can publish the modifications (and I believe they already do)

OP claimed they did not need to release the modifications source at all

but they do not have to release source code of the binary blob that is embedded in the code.

Not neciscarily according to the guy whos name is on the kernel.

A bit like Nvidia has a part open code that is perfectly readable, and a part that contains the binary blob (that is completely unreadable).

Nvidia releases a driver, not a modified kernel. Said binary blob has to be very careful which parts of hte kernel it twiddles

Comment Re:Allwinner. Nope. (Score 1) 121

Sue for what? There is nothing that says that the modifications are released under GPL.

Uh, the GPL says that the modifications are released under the GPL.

As long as the company is willing to provide the original source code without their modifications they are in the clear.

If they release modified binaries of GPL licensed code they must release the modified source

Comment Re:Who has money on his resignation / impeachment? (Score 1) 737

The FBI is an executive agency. ALL OF THE FBIs authority flows entirely from the Constitutional powers granted to the president.

No the president is not above the law but it is in appropriate for any part of the executive branch to be doing anything other than supporting the president. If there is a problem Congress needs to investigate and deal with it.

Executive branch employees who cannot toe the line should fired, with cause.

You do know this all hit the supreme court under nixon and they ruled that it is illegal for the president to fire someone investigating him right?

Comment Re:Good while it lasted (Score 3, Insightful) 128

> For server, you're kinda boned. You can go back to debian, which isn't too bad. CentOS with epel is a functional cross, but theres no way you are running bleeding edge with a RHEL distro.

I gave up trying to get bleeding edge anything on those distros. I just run docker and run my bleeding edge service within docker.

Comment Re: Why waste money... (Score 5, Funny) 347

I say for every dollar wasted on this whole Russia BS, two dollars get used for obummer and Hitlery investigation of corruption.

So considering all the money spent investigating Hillary (Benghazi, email, et. al) We should only need to spend another 2 billion or so by your math investigating trump.

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