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Comment Re: Why waste money... (Score 5, Funny) 347

I say for every dollar wasted on this whole Russia BS, two dollars get used for obummer and Hitlery investigation of corruption.

So considering all the money spent investigating Hillary (Benghazi, email, et. al) We should only need to spend another 2 billion or so by your math investigating trump.

Comment Re:Highly irregular (Score 1) 519

He can't get in trouble for declassification per se, but he could get in trouble for the content he declassifies. Say he declassifies nuclear secrets thereby committing treason by "adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort". Or in the case of Obama wiretapping if it is in fact false it could very easily land him in court for libel. There most certainly can be legal consequences to declassifying information even for the president.

Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

I was just talking to a beekeper at the social last week who's been keeping bees since before I was born. He laughed at the loss rates people were talking about with colony collapse disorder. The rates beekeepers see has historically always been 2-3x higher than claimed loss rates for ccd. It's varroa destructor killing the bees not pesticides. The loss rate now is the lowest its ever been. Hell even with the flooding his loss this year is historically better than the commercial guys have seen in the past.

Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

The study is probably out now, was published by a LSU professor using samples from our bee club. None of the peer reviewed public studies show neonics are kiling bee colonies, they have a negative effect on the individuals but not the whole colony.
So its selled 1:0 I have an infinite advantage over your anonymous club.

Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

stop using the chemicals that are killing the bees?

Which ones are those? Because so far studies show that it's not chemicals killing them, varroa destructor seems to be the main factor. Granted not all of those chemical studies are public yet, the most recent one was discussed at our club and it shows pretty conclusively that its not chemicals.

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