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Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

The study is probably out now, was published by a LSU professor using samples from our bee club. None of the peer reviewed public studies show neonics are kiling bee colonies, they have a negative effect on the individuals but not the whole colony.
So its selled 1:0 I have an infinite advantage over your anonymous club.

Comment Re:The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 1) 130

stop using the chemicals that are killing the bees?

Which ones are those? Because so far studies show that it's not chemicals killing them, varroa destructor seems to be the main factor. Granted not all of those chemical studies are public yet, the most recent one was discussed at our club and it shows pretty conclusively that its not chemicals.

Comment Re:Might be easier to fix bees (Score 1) 130

Sure would take a lot of drones. It might be easier to genetically engineer the bees to have genes to resist whatever is killing them

They're not on the splicing genes yet but for $300 you can buy a queen specially engineered (through selective breeding an AI) to resist the stuff killing them, best yet her offspring queens actually do better than she does about resisting, though the generation after falls off.

Comment Re:Wheres firefox support? (Score 1) 229

if you want to be able to store your data on your machine

You generally wouldn't keep EKGs on the machine doing the monitoring if you want to keep them around, you'd store them with the patient record so no problem here

not pay rent to keep using your cloud software

It's a web application running on a local server so...

work offline

It runs on a local server so once again.... not an issue

not have forced updates remove features or totally break your software

Forced updates is kind of the point of using web software, thats a benefit not a downside.

be constantly spied upon

These are work machines so once again you've listed a benefit. Employees don't exactly have an expectation of privacy on them.

or otherwise be at the mercy of losing everything because of an "update" in the EULA.

You're a bit paranoid aren't you?

Comment Re:its a lie (Score 4, Informative) 534

all you need is an indictment and you get pardoned for that.

In Ex parte Garland they held that:

The power thus conferred is unlimited, with the exception stated. It extends to every offence known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken or during their pendency or after conviction and judgment. This power of the President is not subject to legislative control. Congress can neither limit the effect of his pardon nor exclude from its exercise any class of offenders. The benign prerogative of mercy reposed in him cannot be fettered by any legislative restrictions.

(The mentioned limitation was in cased of impeachment). So no you don't even need an indictment to receive a pardon. I personally like Obama but damn he must be the absolute worst constitutional lawyer ever.

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