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Comment Re:Only One Question Matters (Score 1) 373

it charges pretty quick. 20 minutes is about all you need most of the time. also keep in mind that long trips are literally the only time you will ever have to use public chargers if you're able to charge at home over night. it's nice feeling knowing i will never again get in my car and realize i have to fill up on my way to or from work.

Comment Re: Most people need something better (Score 1) 373

as a Model S owner, i can attest that this simply isn't true. i haven't noticed any significant loss of range from A/C use. Just drove it about 250 miles yesterday and it was over 90 degrees out, and i had the A/C blasting the whole time. i even beat my projected range on the trip by a few percentage points.

Comment Re:Most people need something better (Score 4, Informative) 373

I'm a Model S owner (P100D -- range about 325 miles or so)

I recently took my Tesla on two family trips. one to Pinhurst, NC (about 600 miles) and one to Deep Creek Lake (about 200 miles).

the car performed spectacularly on both. we easily fit everything we needed for a week's stay in a cabin for a family of four in the trunk and the frunk (the back is cavernous for a sedan).

on the Pinehurst trip, I stopped halfway at a supercharger station in the parking lot of a nice family restaurant / pub. the car was ready to continue well before we finished eating lunch.

At Deep Creek Lake, I simply plugged in to a standard 120 volt exterior outlet on the cabin, but there were also destination chargers around the area if I had needed to charge more quickly.

particularly on the coasts, there are are tons options for charging when necessary. However, I feel like focusing on charging is missing the point. Since buying the car in September, those two long trips are the only times i've ever had to charge the car publicly. it charges overnight in my garage. i've got a full 325+ mile range every morning. it's like owning a car that never needs a fillup. (plus the acceleration has to be experienced to be believed :) )

Comment Re:Most people need something better (Score 1) 373

i won a Tesla. in heavy traffic, my remaining range typically goes up, not down. the lower speeds (plus regen brakes) more than make up for the inefficiency of repeatedly accelerating and decelerating. it's a little counter-intuitive, but in my experience i get the same or more range per charge commuting than i do on long trips.

also keep in mind most owners will charge at home over night. charging is a complete non-issue for me.

on top of that, there are chargers everywhere for those rare long trips that are more than 300 miles. (my Model S has a range of about 320 miles)

Comment /. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 3, Interesting) 1149

the comments section, i mean. honest question.

why do you guys bother keeping this comment section running, when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist and least interesting communities on the internet? okay, sure, there are communities specifically geared towards right-wing fascism and racism that are probably worse, but this site is supposed to be about, you know, tech news and stuff. but you guys have let it erode into something gross that almost nobody other than despicable morons want to participate in. i remember years ago when articles would have hundreds of interesting and insightful comments, with actual experts weighing in with well thought out reactions. those people are all gone, and with very good reason. are you glad they're gone? do you miss them? do you miss relevancy?

i doubt you are proud of providing a forum dominated by some of the worst elements of humanity. so that's why i'm asking why you continue to do so.

Comment Re:they need to drop Tesla from the name (Score 1) 69

wow you are out of touch. every idiot on the internet knows nikola tesla, he is very trendy and has been for years. to the point where Diane Rehm on NPR a couple years back did a show where her guest wrote a biography about Edison ... and every. single. call. was a hipster calling in to whine about how badly Edison screwed Tesla, and how amazing Tesla was, and what a jerk Edison was.

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