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Comment Re:YOU Are a neo-communist. (Score 5, Informative) 398

"You compared prices in foreign countries not on par with labor in your own."

the labor was foreign either way. only the middlemen and executives were American.

"You subverted Tariffs that would have protected domestic value to an appreciable degree."

He made no mention of avoiding tariffs, taxes, or import duties. Only that he bought directly from the source, which is perfectly legal to do.

"You bought something of casual or leisurely nature, ignoring the state of the arts locally around."

he's not buying a Chinese knockoff of something. He's buying the actual product. Just skipping the middlemen.

Comment it's a temporary gap. (Score 4, Interesting) 398

there is a tremendous amount of real estate consumed by retail outlets, which frankly are of far diminished use than in previous decades. if someone can order something on Amazon and get it delivered to their door in a day or two, there's little reason to get in the car and drive to a store. this works well for a huge chunk of your average person's shopping.

in terms of the employment impact: those affected skew young or low income. and the jobs aren't merely shifted to a different country or location -- most of them are no longer necessary at all. for now, at least, most warehouses and shipping hubs rely on human labor, but that work represents a small fraction of the manpower a proportional retail store would have employed.

it's a problem, but in my opinion, likely a short-term one. i foresee a dramatic upswing in remote, online employment across the board, as online communication and interaction tools mature, and a willing and capable labor pool emerges -- a pool of young people to whom this technology is as effortless and natural as walking.

an optimist might even suggest that this would allow people to more easily aspire to niche occupations and careers that they would have otherwise been unlikely to achieve due to geography. In the past, if you wanted to work in the pinball industry, you had to live in Chicago. If your passion was recording music, you'd almost have to move to Los Angeles or NYC to make a living at it.

Today, there are artists who draw playfields for Stern Pinball without setting foot in Chicago. and my brother does mixing and mastering remotely over the internet for people all over the world.

just like those brick and mortar sales, the job market isn't going away. it's just going online.

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