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Comment Re:Down 3%?! (Score 1) 131

Investors will spec buy into a company before they release good news in case it's something like, "Tesla Motors creates electric hover car that never needs charged!" Or something equally absurd. So when the news comes out that "Oh, so we're just doing business, made some good sales." Those spec buy investors cash out and are like aw man.

I really think like a lot of investors are freakishly skittish. It's hilarious.

Comment Re:It's not trending. (Score 1) 371

But first, just think about this for a second:

> Put self in danger: just potential to harm self. Police do not get involved unless danger to other people.

> Property damage: causes frustration and upsets other people. Causes police to get involved.

You can tell me again about how bright these kids are when they have a permanent felony on their records and a massive fine as well as maybe jail time.

Comment Re:Medicalizing Normality (Score 1) 558

Einstein, Newton, and Tesla were all autistic.

Yes a good bit of your entire modern world and all you take for granted was created by us.

But never mind the scientific savants of autism, we can excel in a plethora of ways and just because we're socially inept doesn't mean we're hopeless. I have had tons of success socially no thanks in part due to relentless struggle on my part to learn the ins and outs of the social dance. I'm even what you would call charismatic.

Don't get me wrong, I loathe being around people with a passion, but I can do it.

Comment Re:sounds implausible to me (Score 1) 144

Someone didn't read the study.

Our brain does have natural defenses against sleep deprivation. A single all-nighter would produce no brain damage because of a specific protein the brain creates to protect it from damage. Repeated sleep deprivation (aka chronic sleep deprivation) leads to brain damage because this protection mechanism stops functioning.

Comment Re:Tired... (Score 2) 860

Windows 7 was just a service pack for Vista. The renaming was a PR move to move away from the stigma.

Give them enough time and they'll iron out all of the flaws. Of course the Metro interface was inherently flawed from the beginning, but I think they've learned their lesson and supposedly Windows 8.2 which may be named Windows 9 is their solution to this whole mess.

But the GP does have a point, I see people still complaining about features of Windows 8 that were fixed in 8.1.

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