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Comment Re:Trading volume (Score 1) 139

No. Not yet. BTC volume is low compared to the equity trading. BTC volume is generally in the range of 50K - 200K BTC / day. And spiking much higher the last few few days.

At $1000 per BTC that's a volume of 50-200 million dollars per day. Low in one respect. But it is respectable.

You can clearly see that it will be a billion/dollar a day market pretty soon.

BTC at $2,500 and trading volume of 400K would make it a billion dollar market.

Comment Re:This is going to end well lol (Score 2) 139

Anybody that jumps in now is a speculator and not an investor. It will drop. But to what? I don't think it's going below $1000 again and certainly won't hit 500.

If you told me a year ago that BTC would be at $1000 today I would have nodded and have been happy.

It spiked up because Japan legitimized it a couple of months ago and shot up 1500 over the last week because China took away some of their restrictions.

BTC is here to stay. As is Eth.

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 1) 354

It's not a semantic game. You and I can discuss an issue and be at odds about it. The FBI director is not a peon and secondly has a legal obligation to notify the Justice Department in writing that an attempt was made to sway his investigation. It's his legal obligation, under penalty of law (disbarment, removal from office) to report said offense. Not only did Comey not send the notice but he declared, under oath, to a Congressional Panel that he was not pressure....

So. What do we get from the above facts?

My conclusion is that there is a lot of BS and no substance.

Comment Re:Which is all fine (mostly) (Score 2) 215

The Constitution enumerates the powers delegated to the Federal Government. If not enumerated the US Government does not have the authority (according to the US Constitution) to act. The Government can, under due process, deny you access to air but it does not grant you the right. The right is yours as a human being (or from God if you're so inclined).

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 1) 354


1. Show evidence that the election was hacked. It wasn't. Podesta got caught in a phishing attack. We're not even sure that was the source of the emails.
2. There hasn't been any pay-for-play charges. They've been accusations of what "may" happen but zip for charges.

You mention gifts. What gifts?

I had an argument with a lunatic who felt that the secret service renting rooms from a Trump property constituted a gift.

No. Those rooms would have been rented anyway. If Trump moved to a failed property for the express purpose of housing secret service then you would have a point. But the Trump Towers in NYC and Margo a Lago are booked constantly.

Then there was a fool on Slashdot saying that because a Trump owned project was shopping around for investors that this was an example of funneling money to Trump. What!?! WTF type of reasoning is that.

And no I did not vote for the oompa lumpa but that doesn't mean that I should swallow the BS that is being tossed around.

Comment Re:Let them (Score 1, Insightful) 439

So, according to you real fascists promote individual gun rights and free speech? Hmmm. That's a new one. Mussolini confiscated guns; restricted free speech and used mobs to shut people down.

So, is the the Dems or the Reps who want to confiscate guns? Who are happily rioting in attempt to restrict speech?

OK. Looks like you don't know nothing 'bout nothing.

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 1) 354

No. The Federal Government has the authority as regards borders. Federal statutes have been passed and it's the Executive Branch's responsibility to execute them. States and cities do not have the authority to write their own laws regarding this issue.

If you think the Federal government does not have the authority to enforce borders please explain the existence of all these agencies that have been signed into law, and budgets allocated for. And the INS has been around since before WWII.

Obviously it's the purview of the Federal government to make and enforce immigration law.

Comment Re:The Free Market at Work (Score 1) 250

I would not rely on reputation alone. But reputation is important. The key aspect here is company A saying this product will do "x". It better do "x".

I would go so far as to say that if your commercial goes "5 out of 6 dentists approve". You better have surveys that show that (and not a survey o 6 dentists).

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 0, Troll) 354

The IRS looks at his taxes every year. So, unless you're saying that the IRS has not done its job his taxes have been checked.

All this is supposition upon supposition. If true he gets funds from others (pay for play) then he deserves to go to be disgraced, impeached and go to jail. Now, that applies to all politicians, including those with charities pressuring others to "contribute."

We're pretty positive the Clintons have done that for years. We have NO evidence of that for Trump. (Yet) Nonetheless you call him Herr Donald. Do you go Herr Bill as well? (There's a pun there somewhere.)

Re the election. GTFOH. There was no hack of an election. This is a tech site, remember?
Wikileaks has been more honest than the NYTs and they've been insisting that it was leak.

Comment Re:Try Bush/Obama math... (Score 0) 354

Of course. If you raise taxes there will not change in economic activity. Right.

so if a bar wants to make more money they can just start charging $50 dollars for a pint and, according to big-brains like you, people won't change their activity. You'll be surprised that revenue "unexpectedly" drops, then when the price goes back to normal (whatever that is in your area) you'll then be bi7ching about the lost revenue that you would have gotten at $50.00 a pint.

Comment Re:Not an error. A lie. (Score 2, Interesting) 354

Stop BSing yourself. We don't have a functioning democracy?

Like sanctuary cities that think they're above the law?
Like the federal government under Obama not enforcing immigration laws on the books.

These things are dangerous - and I'm a proponent of immigration - but make it legal and on the f**king books.

The Trump administration has done nothing counter to Constitution.

And in case it matters I didn't vote for the orange oompa lumpa.

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