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Comment Re: Actually you can (Score 1) 332

Not to mention the fact that he is going to lose the meme war big time. He's taking on reddit and 4chan. ha ha ha ha

Pepe is a subversive meme used by people who getting an anti-authoritarian, anti-SJW as well (but to a far less degree) by the racist Alt-Right.

Legal action against pepe is only going to make it stronger - like the Streisand Affect on steroids.

If Matt Furie thinks this will stop the use of Pepe he's a fool. If he's doing this to separate himself from Kekistanis others who have adopted Pepe then ... whatever. No one will link the two,

Comment What (Score 1) 189

We need to keep understanding how people use (and expect to use systems). Nothing has changed. Do you want to change the name from Information Architecture to UX Design. Whatever (even though I think Information Architecture) is more descriptive and ought not be reserved for HCI (Human Computer Interaction) or for people doing Environmental Psychology.

What is the f**king use case that is better covered by "respectful" as opposed to "user-centric." I actually think that user centric is, in today's word, fairly close to an irrelevant qualifier. Who else is one doing design for? To enhance the prestige and psychic well-being of department heads and CEOs?

ooops. better not mention that else we'll have a new discipline called CEO Design.

Comment Clickbait (Score 1) 136

Wow. It guessed linkedin passwords.

I hope that most people have an algorithm to remember their passwords and use a simple one for non-essential sites such as LinkedIn.

There is zero chance that an AI can guess my bank or email passwords. A little thing called entropy comes into play that AI doesn't help in breaking.

*cought* *cought* clickbait.

Comment Re:Thanks EU (Score 2) 28

Brave is a fairly good browser and an excellent replacement for Chrome.

DuckDuckGo is not bad; with !G it's just as good. It's worth two keystrokes when you need it. :)

Protonmail is good for replacing ones' person email. It's privacy centric from end to end. However the free version is limited to one account, 150 emails per day and 500 MB of storage. So it's not good for having multiple accounts.

I'm still checking out zoho as a replacement for google docs. Not certain yet how I like it.

Comment Re:Are you a dictatorship or what? (Score 1) 151

Here's a word that has been appropriated : Liberal.

Liberalism is antithetical to socialism.

There are some that want to reclaim the name.

A democracy is not a republic. And the size of republic means the scope and reach of what the government can do. In other words if a government can do whatever it wants if the majority of the people will it then it is a democracy - not a republic,

If the government budget rises to meet an existential threat then the government is not "too big." It's just right.

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