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Comment Re:What am I missing? (Score 1) 82

Well, Pixel Qi screens are a) LCDs instead of ((S)AM)OLED, so when they need backlight, they suck power, and b) they have about half the DPI of most modern smartphones. I personally think we'll see them more at the low end of the phone spectrum. IIRC, there's already a dumbphone that uses e-ink for a screen, so Pixel Qi would be a step up from that.

Comment Re:Just one man's opinion (Score 1) 865

I think the problem is that, much like PC gaming, there's a few shit-laden genres that overshadow everything else in sales, marketing, etc: romantic comedies, explodorama action movies, stupid guys acting stupid and calling it comedy, tear-jerker everyone-dies-including-the-dog Oscar bait, and kids movies that are even more derivative than any of the adult categories, if not outright sequels. Sure, you get stuff like your list, but except for LoTR, none of those really got the big marketing push.

Comment Re:HTML5 has not "won" (Score 1) 507

Is anyone actually using pure HTML5 to write applications? I thought HTML5 was just an upgrade to the markup that included a few neat tricks like video tags, and the heavy lifting was done by JS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, etc.

Comment Re:HTML5 has not "won" (Score 1, Troll) 507

1. Optimization is never over. JavaScript is ridiculously fast now compared to 2005.
2. Cry more, faggot. Nobody's entitled to a particular business model.
3. HTML5 is a standard FOR DISPLAYING WEB PAGES. What a SHOCK and OUTRAGE it is that you need a web browser for that!
4. At least there is a standard...

Comment Call me a heretic, but... (Score 1) 1880

PC gaming sucks. No, seriously, it's complete dogshit. Every time - literally every time - I've tried installing big-name titles on the machine I had when they came out, I've had massive headaches with drivers, misleading system requirements, or just random reboots in the middle of a level (looking at you, Halo). With my 360, Wii, DS, or even my old N64, I insert the game, power up the console, turn on the TV, and I can play. It Just Works(tm). I used Windows exclusively from 3.1 to Vista, and I still keep a Windows 7 partition on my laptop, on the off chance there is literally no way to do some college-required thing in Linux, but the only reasons I've booted it up, ever, were to download and burn a Debian iso, and to periodically let Windows Update spend an hour patching. GNOME 3 with a good selection of graphical and console-mode applications is miles ahead of Windows 7 for me, personally. I don't need Linux to take over the world, or even attract a lot of proprietary software developers. Just give me fully functional hardware, and I'm happy.

Comment not even on netbooks (Score 1) 798

I was using GNOME 3.2 on my netbook quite happily... and then I decided to connect a second monitor. Turns out that all that shiny compositing doesn't do well with a second monitor at 1680x1050 - it was garbling so badly I thought it was an Xorg issue. Even when I want to log in to Fluxbox, it mysteriously fails to start. I ended up just setting the default runlevel to 3, or whatever the fancy-pants sytemd equivalent is.

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