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Comment Do you want an exit? (Score 4, Insightful) 412

If you want to do *exactly this* for the rest of your life, say no.

But if you're like most entrepreneurs I know, that's not the case. It's likely that you could take the money, and pursue a new idea, developing another company, new employees, etc... and having some extra money in the bank will make all that a LOT easier.

As somebody who has done a few startups now, I can assure you that money matters. Because more money means you can chase bigger ideas with less pressure.

Comment Re:Only one way for city and citizens to win (Score 1) 417

I really like this idea.

I'd like it even more if they included a wind-down clause in which the city agreed to sell the network if a carefully designed measure of efficiency and reliability stopped being met. This way if private firms demonstrated that they had become superior to the city, there would be an automatic end of the government's venture.

Comment Re:American cars.... (Score 1) 378

My car has RFID keys, with doors that can be unlocked via proximity. (There's a button on the door handles, and on the trunk, that unlock things if the key is in range.)

The range is actually pretty short. Maybe 3-4 feet. Also, it's directional. If you're behind the car, you can pop the trunk, but you need to be beside the door to unlock the doors.

If you're inside the car, then the outside sensors don't work, because the key isn't in the right spot. It's inside the car. As such, you can lock the car, and the outside buttons won't function, since the key is not in the correct position, outside the door.

It's a reasonably well thought-out system.

Comment Re:Sarcastic or not? (Score 1) 353

The thing with audio is that you quickly reach a point of greatly diminishing returns. The gap between $50 and $500 headphones is enormous, but at levels above that, I struggle to hear a difference outside of contrived tests.

I have Senn HD650s and Shure SE530s, and would recommend either without hesitancy.

Comment Re:Octave (Score 1) 776

HP 12c for financial calculations

HP 50g for math/science/physics

R for complex statistical or financial calculations

Octave for complex math/science/physics calculations

And fuck all the TI calculators. I wish I'd never owned a single one of them. It's hard to realize what trash they are until you get used to the HPs.


Submission + - Copy that floppy? Lose that 'puter. 1

Kevin Way writes: A new copyright bill would create a new government agency in charge of copyright enforcement, increase fines, and grant it sweeping new powers. In particular, the bill grants this new agency the right to seize any computer or network hardware used to "facilitate" a copyright crime and auction it off. You would not need to be found guilty at trial to face this penalty. You may want to read a justication of it, and criticism presented by Declan McCullagh, The EFF, and Public Knowledge.

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