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Comment Velocopter (Score 4, Interesting) 152

The article briefly mentioned a few of the competitors.

My favorite of this whole new 'class' of flying machines is the Velocopter.

It has 16 outrunner brushless DC electric motors on fixed prop blades. All flying is done essentially through the software and a single joystick (no rudder pedals or separate throttle).

The fact that it has no actuated flight surfaces, and the blades are in a fixed position, the build complexity of this machine is waaay simpler and to lower tolerances than just about any other flying machine out there.

Of course, right now on battery alone the range is pretty poor (prob like 15-20 min of flying time, tops), but with a gas turbine generator it should be extended quite significantly.

While it isn't exactly the most efficient at flying compared to even helicopters, I think its simplicity, safety (very redundant), and relative quietness makes up for that.

Comment Re:Soon... (Score 2) 304

I'm with you on the lost tolerance for ads. Whenever I go to my parent's house they all they a kick out of how repulsed I am at the TV commercials.

As for telemarketers, especially for Time Warner who try ever few months to sell me a cable package I love pointing out how much of a ripoff it is. 'So you're telling me for $100 dollars a month I get to watch TV with 5 minute commercial breaks every 15 minutes? If I watch an 'hour long' TV show 15 minutes of my life was wasted on ads. And I have to pay for that?' I'm usually met with 'wow, yeah when you put it that a nice day'

Comment Re:People need a real sense of PURPOSE. (Score 1) 1116

There's plenty of work to be done, just not enough jobs.

If there was a basic income...why NOT spend all your days planting flowers along the highways? Or tutoring children? Or hanging out with old people who no longer have any family?

A basic income could usher in a new CCC of sorts. A organized network of unpaid volunteer positions to help provide meaning, structure, and purpose into people's lives.

Comment Network feedback (Score 2) 572

I wonder how much of this was caused by the intensity of the 'echo chamber' effect these sub-groups seem to exhibit. If they AI was supposed to be like a teen girl, they were thinking such echo chamber effects would be present in pop culture topics. While that may be true, it may be MORE true for these conspiracy/hate groups. Self-validation and isolation is pretty important for those groups. So any time anybody says '9/11 was an inside job' there are tons of retweets and 'hell yeah!' sorta remarks from within that group.

From an AI point of view, the two groups would be indistinguishable. It then would proceed to tweet stuff that would get the best response from its peer groups. Which would provide *more* of a following with validating comments...racist shit or some banal statement about Beiber?

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