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Comment STOP talking about efficiency, it doesn't matter (Score 1, Insightful) 204

efficiency doesn't matter to me at all. Price / watt does

I don't care if they are 100% efficient if they cost $20billion / watt.

But show me one that is cheap enough to afford to cover my roof with that the end total wattage is enough to cover something close to my power use (or more) and I'll do it.

The % efficiency make absolutely no difference to me at all, zip, zero, nada. DON"T CARE!

Comment Re:Thank your neighborhood republican (Score 2, Insightful) 393

no. vote for anyone other than those two parties.

Till we actually throw the bums out they will continue to be the bumholes they are.

Vote libertarian, green, independent, heck communist if you must. Just get everyone to NEVER AGAIN vote for a Rep or Dem and perhaps we can change things.

Comment Re:Die fighting, die trying, die hard... (Score 1) 392

wish I had mod points.

Seems like so many people are only able to handle what they have been preprogrammed for.

"This isn't what I unrealistically expected it to be, I must hate it."

Bah, Fringe might not be science, but it is entertaining, and I am sorry it doesn't fit in your preconceived box of what TV must be.

Comment Another point on why this is good.. (Score 2) 696

The whole WikiLeaks thing has shown that the secret papers of the US government were not properly secured. And had this information gone to someone other than WikiLeaks (like the Taliban or some foreign government that views us as the enemy) instead of a publicity scandal we would just have people dieing without knowing why.. In fact with how porous the setup was I am sure this WAS happening. But now the Govt is forced to fix that issue (without forcing them they would not have changed, just try to change any government's mind about anything) and we the people are learning some uncomfortable truths that we do need to know.

Comment Re:Pitchforks (Score 1) 853

It happened because we weren't ready to burn the town over it.
If we made it a political issue that politicians must take a stand on something might have been done. (vote this way, or we won't vote for you next time)

Obviously our next move is to burn the town.

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