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Comment Re: bluetooth keyboard (Score 1) 463

I work with multiple apps at once, especially while coding. I'm guaranteed to be running more than one copy of zsh (tabs in Konsole; usually one is ssh'd to a remote shell server running irssi, also used for development) and Chrome (also for reading docs), Pidgin and GMPC. (on Windows, replace Konsole with one PuTTY window. I do have a working MPD setup under Windows, and even with the same song progress as on Linux.) In order to switch between those apps, I use alt-tab or use the scroll wheel* with my pointer on the panel. And to start them, just click on the four icons which are right next to each other (KDE Icon-Only Task Manager).

Now, what would I have to do on a tablet? Click on the chrome app (and hope it supports tab pinning for apps), then go back home, start a terminal/ssh app. And then I could start SSH and-- oh wait. I cannot use a local shell. And even if I can, I doubt I would ever get my hands on zsh, vim, ncmpcpp, git, python... Sure, I can do half of those things on the remote host, but certain development tasks require a local environment. And I've yet to see a good** MPD client for Android or a good IM.

Okay, so even if I had the apps I need, what about switching? As I said, to get from app to app on a computer, I use alt+tab or my mouse. Now, what should I do on Android?

Add the fact that I like to play some good games. Have you seen any good games for an Android tablet? No, you haven't. And I don't consider Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja or something like that as a good game. Tablets don't have enough resources to have good games. And you won't be able to play too many games on those fancy Windows RT tablets (which are shit.)

* scroll wheel is my preferred method of interaction with tabs and such. I hate that Chrome on Windows doesn’t accept such behavior.

** the only clients I accept on PCs are ncmpcpp and gmpc. Others suck miserably.

[disclaimer: I hate tablets, and I have played with Android tablets for a very short moment. still, try to move my workflow to a tablet.]

Comment Ditch Java? Done ages ago! (Score 1) 367

Is it really time to ditch Oracle's java and go for an open source VM?

I, for one, got rid of all Java from my machine a long time ago. I think that everyone at slashdot did that too. You don’t know how angered I am when my set-top box has some problems (eg. today it stopped sending audio over HDMI, I needed to set it to standby and wake it up again) or when I got my Kindle today. Both are in Java. Unfortunately.

Comment Re:Local IT control, _not_ Apple. (Score 1) 148

mail was already ready for him,, the only mail he should use with that iPad. also, no word about FLOSS in the Polish version of the article either. Those jerks from the OSS Foundation (FWiOO) wanted to get one more user for Linux. I don't think that guy would be happy with GNOME3 or Unity. And don't forget that this country is 80% pirated Windows, 18% legal Windows, 1.99% OS X and 0.01% Linux, and that's with some generous rounding.

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