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Comment Re:no thanks (Score 1) 201

My old iPod I treat with utmost care because the little booger has a spinning disc in it.

I used to speed walk with my old 5th Gen iPod with the 30GB spinning disk in it, tucked it into shirt pocket where it bounced around quite a bit. After all this time it still works just fine, though the age of the battery means I barely get 6 hours out of it and something happened to the audio jack recently so I can't hear anything out of it anymore; I've been debating on getting it fixed because it just works so well.

Even though I had bought a 3rd Gen 64GB iPod Touch, I kept using my old 5th Gen iPod to hold the extra bits of my music collection that wouldn't fit on the Touch. Now that the audio jack is borked I'm hoping the new Touch, which usually comes out in the fall, will finally enter the modern age of storage and have 128GB on it so I can finally upgrade and put all my music in once spot.

Granted my 5th Gen is beat up and covered in scratches, it's well used and it still works - audio issues aside - so I'm betting even if you had one of the First Gen units you'd could get away with being a bit rough and tough with it.

Comment Re:Not Upgradeable? (Score 1) 464

The parts are useful to keep a hodge podge of frankencomputers working around the house.

I hear you there, people keep giving me their old crap - the 486 DX4-100 came from a friend who was working on an upgrade from a 386. He was about to install the motherboard when he knocked it to the floor put a nasty crack in it, since he'd bought the chip and board used and hadn't sunk in a whole lot of cash he just used it as an excuse to upgrade to a Pentium. Since the chip was fairly well protected by socket and fan, and my motherboard could run it with a BIOS update, I figured I'd try it (I wanted an excuse to upgrade to one them new Pentiums too) and ended up with a modest speed boost that lasted me another 4 years until I bought the K6-2.

Since I bought the Mac Mini in 2005, and the iMac in 2009, I haven't used the K62 or 486 all that much but I do know that they still work - I play the odd game in Windows 98 or DOS game that doesn't work all that well on XP or I can't be bothered to mess around with the DOSBox settings for.

Comment Re:Not Upgradeable? (Score 5, Interesting) 464

In all the years I've been building computers I can name only twice where I ever had the opportunity to upgrade; once with an old 466 when I went from a DX2-50 to a DX4-100; another time when I upgraded a K6-2 333 to a K6-2 500. Most of the time when it came time to "upgrade" there had been so many changes to the bus types, socket types, memory types, etc... it was just easier to start over from scratch than try to pick an upgrade from a narrow list of parts which often cost a fortune, while often only giving a moderate speed boost, because they were now considered "specialty" equipment for an obsolete architecture.

Granted, there are people who will insist that they've been able to upgrade their systems multiple times - but I'm not talking about those compulsive types who need the newest graphics card every other week. Most people I've talked to will buy a machine and keep it for 2-4 years before thinking its time buy a new one, by then everything has changed and the existing machine is mostly obsolete and so they have to start new.

Comment Re:Done right, a nutritional plus. (Score 1) 242

An hour in the supermarket once a week, and half an hour every night to cook is somehow "incredibly difficult and time consuming"?

You must not be eating healthy. And, like most people, you're forgetting to add the prep and cleaning time. Lets try this again, shall we?

  • Fresh meats and veggies have short shelf lives, even when stored in the fridge, as there isn't much in the way of preservatives since you're eating fresh. Because you're going fresh you can only keep a few days stored at a time. You're going to spend about an hour, every other day, walking around the grocery store and waiting in the damn checkout lines to buy what you need for dinner.
  • When you get home you're going to spend about 30 minutes, minimum, to prep all that stuff - those books, magazines, and TV shows which tell you that you can do a full meal in 30 minutes are lying, that's often the cooking time after you've spent at least 40 minutes prepping; its not a coincidence that most TV cooking shows have the ingredients prepared in those nice little glass bowls, or the food often cooked in advance - you'd spend most of the hour long show watching the chef cutting and prepping before any of the actual cooking took place.
  • After prepping, depending on the meal being cooked, you're looking at another minimum of 30 minutes to cook it all.
  • After cooking, unless you're a pig, it'll probably take you at least 15-30 minutes to eat it.
  • After eating you've now got a 30-60 minute adventure in the kitchen cleaning up the mess you just made.
  • If you like variety in any way shape or form you're likely going to want to eat something different for lunch than yesterday's leftovers - double all the time above if you're also making lunch.
  • Did I mention how expensive it is to eat healthy? It wasn't at all uncommon to spend upward of ten to fifteen bucks a meal!

When you add it all up, cooking fresh takes a minimum of 2 hours, every day, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up after yourself. 4 hours if you decide to make a lunch that isn't yesterday's leftovers. Throw an extra hour in for grocery shopping every other day and you're up to three to five hours, daily. And before you go all "bullshit" on me, or try to insinuate that I'm making this up, I USED TO DO THIS! I've wasted hours of my life cooking, prepping, cleaning.

We only get 24 hours in a day. I sleep for 8 of them, work for 8 of them, spend two of them travelling back and forth work, and I used to spend 4 hours - EVERY DAY - eating, cooking, cleaning, prepping, going grocery shopping. I used to have a grand total of 2 whole hours of free time, every day. It was stupid, and a complete waste of my time. I sat down one day and figured it out and by increasing my food budget by about 20% - 30%, I could go out to eat for both lunch and dinner every day for about 30 to 40 minutes each and it wasn't all that hard finding healthy choices either. Now I pay the restaurant / cafeteria at work to cook, prep, and clean and I get back that 4 hours - I'd call that a fair trade.

Comment Re:Gotta be there (Score 3, Insightful) 81

For most of the content in EVE, you simply need to be there, on site, to experience it to its fullest.

In the context of the game what you say makes sense, but we're talking TV or comics here. A medium where we're going to be introduced to a band of characters, their ship, the people they run with, and a familiarity with their histories all as part of a long story arc leading up the Battle of Asakai. By the time we get to the battle we'll have had so much invested in the characters we've come to know and love, the outcome of the battle will be just as important to us as it was to you when you played it.

I didn't need to live in the 24th century to feel connected to the the battle for DS9, my investment in the story of the people who lived there made me feel connected. If the cast and crew of EvE Online: The Series do their jobs right I won't need to live there to feel connected to the Battle of Asakai either.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 3, Funny) 1176

The man should sell his story to Hoolywood.

Forget Hollywood, Bollywood is where its at!

Gun fire, explosions, and the totally implausible "I can't believe no one died and the car is still going" car flips all while the dialogue from the last hour is retold through a deeply moving song and dance number. Its a plucky love story about the rookie cop, who thinks she's plain and boring despite being portrayed by one of the hottest actresses in India, falling in love with the nerdy nice guy who's down on his looks, despite being played by one of the hottest actors in India, who just can't get his car to stop.

The only thing standing between them and their love, outside of the racing car, are the bumbling bank robbers who think the procession of speeding vehicles quickly gaining on them are actually trying to arrest them. For laughs they'll have the cars speed through a bus terminal and across the decks of cruise ships while continuously cutting to reaction shots of a guy who looks a lot like Dennis Hopper.

Comment Re:Dr. Who's Savior Complex (Score 1) 170

Now it's the case there are no limits on how many times he can regenerate

I remember when I was a little kid watching the episode where they talked about Doctor only being allowed twelve Regenerations (I think it was twelve, I was a kid at the time) and crying over it. I never wanted the Doctor to die and I thought it was mean of the Timelords to tell the Doctor he could only have so many Regenerations before he died. My old man, who was a huge Doctor Who fan himself, pulled me up into his lap and told me this story about how "Regeneration Juice" was very expensive and very hard to make. That in order to ensure they had enough for all the Timelords and their children, and to keep them from fighting over it and use it all up quickly, they they all had to agree to share.

I doubt its Cannon, just a silly little story told to a crying child. But if its got any basis in truth then with there being only one Timelord, and no other Timelords to share with, the "juice" available to the Doctor during Regeneration would be pretty much unlimited.

Or, more realistically, when the RegenValue was originally chosen the BBC didn't have any clue that the show would remain as popular as it has and continue to be produced even now. They probably figured 12, or whatever number was chosen, was safe because they were probably quite convinced the show would have been cancelled before it ever reached that number.

Comment Re:Er...what's wrong with the classic series? (Score 1) 170

If we're going to have the Doctor start meeting up with the Disney Kids then my vote is for Selena Gomez, her portrayal of Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place often stole the show. You've piqued my curiosity, I'd certainly be interested in seeing the guy who finds all the trouble paired with the girl who makes all the trouble just to see what kind of trouble they'd get into together.

Comment Re:Schnooky schnooky! (Score 1) 104

One LRM-20 salvo to the rear-right torso armor should be enough to detonate its ammo and it's all over.

That's only if you luck out and get a high enough roll on the missile hit table to get all 20 missiles to hit and get all four rolls to hit the same spot. My personal favourite tactic is to take an Archer, park him in a corner, use a few scout mechs for scouting ahead in cover as spotters, and then pop off long range shots hoping to get enough 5 point clusters that one of them hits the head.

Head hits always cause stun damage to the pilot and gives a chance they'll pass out, at the very least it'll increase the to hit modifiers on that mech for the rest of the game - at least they did when I played years and years ago.

I don't play much anymore, the game simply takes way too long to play - I'd go to friends houses early Friday night and play until late Sunday and still not finish an actual game. The only time we'd really finish a game in a reasonable amount of time was lance on lance, but even then it can take the better part of a day and a half to finish a game.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 710

all of the people who expressed a preference wanted to see the 2D version.

I've seen it three times (I still can't believe it only came out a few weeks ago and is already on Blu-Ray), once in IMAX 3D and twice in 2D. While I don't regret seeing it in IMAX 3D, Joss did a phenomenal job with the 3D in that film, I've always found it to me much more analogous to "Headache Vision" than anything; the film needs to be AMAZING for me to not notice the road crew jackhammering the inside of my skull while wearing those 3D glasses.

Deliberately went twice more just to see it in 2D and even though I'll buy the 4 disc mega box, just in case I buy a 3D TV at some point in the future, I'll likely only watch the 2D version of the film.

Comment Re:Mountain bike in the city, for my safety's sake (Score 1) 356

You pedal down the hills?

Yes. When I was a kid taking my bike to a friend's house meant I had to go through a small valley - not really bad now that I'm an adult but to a kid it was huge - where if you didn't pedal like a crazy fool down one side you didn't have the momentum to clear the other, you'd have to get off about half way up the other side and walk. It made a tonne of sense to boost your ass down the hill so you'd clear the top of the other side.

Then there is the exhilaration of speeding down hills, legs pumping like crazy, as you realize you're going as fast as the cars was fun as hell!

Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 2, Informative) 133

Based on nearly every emergency room doctor asking me if I have an allergy to Penicillin during the medical history part of the interview I figured it was an actual real thing. Still, just in case, I found this Wiki page talking about Penicillin drug reactions that covers allergic reactions and has links to some studies or some such thing.

Honestly I'm not really well versed in the nitty gritty medical terms so I didn't entirely understand everything on the page, but I figure if its important enough for a doctor I've never seen before to ask me about then that means there's likely some people who are allergic to anti-bacterial agents.

Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 4, Insightful) 133

I like the bacteria that lives on my body too... not so much the bacteria in the creek on the side of the road seeping into my open wounds thanks to the asshat who just cut me off.

This kind of thing could be great for people who have allergies to anti-bacterial agents or, as the summary states, "provide a convenient way for paramedics and military personnel to deal with harmful bacteria in the field." If you're going to complain about killing off the good bacteria on your skin then rail about anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer, their daily use does far more damage to the good bacteria on your skin than any $100+ device used in an emergency will ever do.

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