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Comment Re:What happened to Pascal, anyway? (Score 1) 134

The Pascal community fragmented. The 8-bit systems carried on using ISO Pascal or UCSD Pascal, but Wirth and other key Pascal experts went off and created Modula-2, which was much more practical for real world programming. (I used Modula-2 on the Atari ST, it was a much nicer experience than trying to program GEM in C.)

But instead of Pascal or Modula-2, Borland went off and did their own thing, producing a proprietary "Pascal" that wasn't compatible with anyone else.

Then the Modula-2 community split into the Oberon (Wirth) and Modula-3 (everyone else) communities to add OO, and Borland again did their own thing and ignored everyone else.

Now we have Go, which takes C and adds in ideas from Modula and Oberon. And Free Pascal still isn't even compatible with 1982's standard ISO Pascal.

Comment Re:More of an issue about how bad Objective-C is (Score 3, Funny) 161

Let me know when I can actually download and build a Swift compiler on something other than OS X, and I'll take a look at the language. Until then I'm not interested. And I'm a Mac user.

(On an unrelated note, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to use the Exit icon to indicate logging in to Slashdot?)

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