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Comment Re:Were do they get their marketoids? (Score 2) 144

This could get interesting when coupled with some powerful image recognition. Say, for example, you want to repair something on your car. Load up the repair manual, and let the overlay show you step by step what to do, e.g. a certain screw gets highlighted right were it is and the popup text tells you to now fasten this screw to this-and-that torque.

Wait, are you implying that augmented reality glasses are a good idea for augmented reality applications?

Comment Re:More likely to go into bonuses than hiring (Score 1) 264

The study posts that, once small and medium business can use cloud products to just eliminate their IT department, they'll use those savings to hire people for their core business.

Or they'll just put it towards profits and big bonuses for the CEO and senior staff, creating no jobs at all.

Yep, I also learned everything I know about management from reading Dilbert.

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