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Comment No private company should stick their neck out (Score 3, Interesting) 78

I think the NSA is doing what NSA needs to do. That being said, if they forcefully compel a company to allow backdoor into products, the government should be prepared accept all subsequent financial liability (that is, bail out the company) that would likely arise as a result of the would-be PR disaster. No private company should stick their neck out for the government.

Comment The more important question (Score 1) 259

From the article:

Because she blew a blood alcohol level of nearly 0.40, police procedure is to take the accused to a hospital, as that level is considered extremely life-threatening.

Why would medical professionals knowingly release a patient despite the knowledge she had life-threatening levels of alcohol in their body? Assuming they didn't diagnose her of the auto-brewery syndrome right away, you would think they would at least keep her overnight for observation.

Comment Re: Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 1) 410

We don't have to live through it. We've seen first hand

No, you haven't. You read it on a history book.
The process that led to the rise of the Third Reich could be, in part, attributed to a tired and fearful populace. At the time, they needed someone to tell them where to direct their frustration for the economic downturn following World War I. Hitler was that someone. He gave them a singular entity to fear. And you know what? People bought into the narrative.

Comment Re: Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 1) 410

All our communication is logged with the juicier bits handed to law enforcement. Sorry, kid, but that's the very definition of tyrrany.

Just because Americans are daft enough to fall for smoke and circuses - eg, pointlessly carrying on about drones, the TSA - does not mean they have not and are not living with tyrrany.

If America was supposedly becoming a tyrannical state, it would be because America is marching towards becoming a tyrannical state by choice, not by the cunning action of a shadowy dictator. A choice made by voters unwilling to educate themselves on the issues and candidates, voting for candidates that bring the most bacon home to their district. That's why people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump continue to lead several public opinion polls. Everyone has iPhones and iPads, but I'd wager the vast majority of the voting bloc do a great disservice to themselves by not vetting out their chosen candidates, despite access to near limitless information they could sift through. Tyranny by choice is not tyranny.

Comment Re:Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 5, Insightful) 410

You know what I find amusing? For a country that enjoys a lot of freedom, American citizens complain a lot of about tyranny and oppression, as if they've lived through it. The TSA is an agency that has been mismanaged due to a lack of oversight. That is not a definition of tyranny. That's just the american public being suckered into voting for people who aren't interested in representing them. All of the problems that plague the political system in the U.S. -- all of it -- can be resolved if the masses can agree not to be swayed by thirty-second ads. Whatever form of oppression Americans think they are in, believe you me, is a self-inflicted one, as the power to vote and bring about political change still rests with the voters. I have lived in a totalitarian country. One of their ways of getting their kicks is killing your relative and billing you for the bullet and time. Perhaps I'll join the melodrama when I start seeing similar occurrences happen in the U.S.

Comment Messiah Complex? (Score 1) 152

I think at this point Zuckerberg seems like he has developed some form of a messiah complex, in which he believes he has a moral or divine responsibility to be the agent in delivering good to the planet. The fact that he's blatantly comparing his own company's initiatives to a publicly funded library is indicative of that, especially considering Facebook et al stands to profit from this little venture.

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