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Comment Same Shoes (Score 1) 564

I've been in the same situation for quiet a while, with several people having used my address. I've managed to contact some of them and get them to quit...I can be convincing on the phone. Others, I've been unable to find, and it's annoying as hell when they're using some of the same services I use. I've tried contacting a few companies about it, and they generally won't do anything.

I've only gotten a bit nasty with one jackass who, after being asked not to, continued using it. Payback's a bitch when you have all their contact info.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 702

Get serious. I'm nearly 59 years old. I commute 25 miles round trip each day. A bike for daily transport is not practical form us. And I'm sure as shit not going to bike into work, and get all sweaty w/o a place to shower and change, and then have to shower again after my return commute. And I'm anticipating the standard response...why not move closer to work. Well, that would simply mean that my wife's commute would suddenly go for 4 miles up to what mine currently is.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 702

Yeah, the Space Shuttle was public too, but it doesn't mean you had a right to ride into space on it. A better example is that the Interstate system is also public, and bikes are typically prohibited from using them. So, while you probably have a logical argument for using the roads, you're not expressing it in any kind of logical manner.

Comment Re: Hmmm. (Score 1) 702

I'd suggest that the vast majority of voters would say no if the question was posted as you just have. You continue to encourage government waste by not standing up to it. Certainly there are some things that only the government can do, and we need to find ways to fund those things. But in the big scheme of things, we need to find a way to get the money/lobbists out of the government influence business if we ever want to end the corruption.

Comment Re:Some Poor Assumptions about Survivability (Score 1) 257

Finally, why spend all the time studying T-Rex/Human interaction anyway? It's not as if Humans and T-Rex ever lived together.

It certainly isn't worth spending any funding on. But if you're examining the prints, and already have most of the other tools needed, it's just fun for the same reason Jurassic Park was fun to watch...get over it.

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