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Comment Re:nationalize companies too big to fail (Score 1) 187

You wouldn't have to split search, but there's no reason Google search, and Chrome, and GMail and Google Maps, etc., all need to be in one company. Those could easily be broken up. Note that I'm not picking on Google...ideally, MS would have been broken up in the antitrust case previously, and others should as well.

Comment Re:Make Tax Rates Scale With Size (Score 1) 187

Another conservative here, who agrees with the GP. I'm all about competition, but not in favor of monopolistic behavior. We won't clean up this mess until my side of the aisle gets it through it's head that companies are not people (you can't send them to jail, and they have undue influence above the people), and that we need to get the big money out of government.

Comment Re:As any DBA knows... (Score 1) 192

If you've never looked down at the runway number, you're doing it wrong, just google "landing at wrong runway", and see how often it happens. Harrison Ford is a recent well known example. And, when do you EVER need a 1/2 degree for anything? I've never seen a piece of avionics that took less than a degree, but than I haven't flown in a few years. As for the iron ore deposits, your maps all have that plugged in. As for your arguing it for decades, I've never once heard a pilot complain about using magnetic north.

Comment Re:They talk funny (Score 1) 665

Rights getting trampled by the left? You're kidding right? You don't know a single thing about civics (considering your single-axis view of politics). Authoritarian attitudes, regardless of economic policies are what strip rights away, and as of right now, people who have more Conservative mindsets are the ones doing the stripping.

As if the left hasn't done more than it's share in that aspect...both sides have. And for those of us with a bit more libertarian viewpoint want government to get the fuck out of our homes. No, we're not for anarchy, as so many of you here have claimed. Regulations are necessary, but we could do much better with a hell of a lot fewer.

Comment Re:As any DBA knows... (Score 4, Informative) 192

Pilots already know how convert between magnetic and geographical headings, I would think. I think the small inconvenience is better than having outdated runway markings or having to renew them every now and then (not only on the runways themselves, but also on all charts).

Um, no. First of all, the conversion isn't consistent from place to place. For example, as you move across degrees of longitude, the angular difference between the magnetic and geographic north changes. So, your conversion changes. The last thing you want to do to a pilot is to add more shit on his plate, trying to do calculations when he could simply compare his compass and the giant number printed on the runway.

FWIW, I was a private pilot in the 80s & 90s, but gave it up when my kid was born...just didn't have time.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 275

The tax cut is awesome for corporations, and their major shareholders in particular.

Don't know about you, but my 401k is up nearly 30% since the election in Nov of 16. Why? Because the markets have been anticipating this tax cut, and now they've got it. Many of you were whining right after the election that this was just a Trump bubble. Well, the bubble has gone on for 15 months now, and will likely pop at some point, but will hardly get near where it was before it started.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 275

I think it's called "marketing".

Sad that the highly paid Cupertino employees get a bonus, but the assembly line staff in China still get far far less than minimum wage.

Not saying that the China staff aren't underpaid. However, minimum wage only makes sense when you compare cost of living. I could live like a fucking king in Thailand on about $30k a year, but I couldn't feed and shelter my family here in the DC burbs for the same amount. One site (https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Shenzhen) suggests that the cost of living near the Apple factory in China is about half that of NYC.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 275

Let's see....120,000 employees x $2,500 = $300M. That's a hefty "publicity stunt". Not to mention the increased charitable donation mentioned in the article. But, whatever fits your agenda. Oh, and you don't pay tax on stock until you sell it, so that's up to the employee.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 275

It's not a "dick move" at all. It's something for nothing, and you're going to whine about it, seriously??? What do you think the motivation for giving the employees anything is? I'd argue that it's most likely retention. And what restricted stock gets you is a reason to stick with the company...kinda like pensions. Hopefully, we'll get back to those at some point.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 313

Told my wife (my 2nd) that I was done with kids right up front. My own (I was a single dad) was already eight, and I was about 40 yrs old, not wanting to raise children into my 60s. Why waste your time and hers on something that's just a nonstarter? Clearly, those discussions would be well before you decide that the person is your "ideal partner".

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