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Comment Re:Readability (Score 1) 453

Object-oriented programming was retrofitted into Javascript, and it shows. Typical bad Javascript has global variables that should be local, shared data that should be in closures, no proper objects, and no comments.

Thank you. Every time a developer wants to turn a js project OO I want to gouge their eyes out. Once I created a cross-dependency map of all the different "classes" that were in a library I had to debug. There were a least half a dozen complex circular dependency chains. If people think JavaScript lends itself to ugly code, they haven't seen developers who try to turn it into Java.

Comment Re:I don't.. (Score 1) 453

As for another language coming along. Will never happen. The language of the web must be community driven. And the community always disagrees. You know how long it's taken to get some seemingly basic features implemented? Forever. You get Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla and more than a dozen other companies involved and each one wants something that disagrees with the rest.

And as for how it started? Netscape went to Brendan Eich and told him he had to write the language in 11 days. 11 days to implement the grammar, lexer, parser. Everything in 11 days. Then a bastardization version happened to be created by Microsoft, and bam. You have the language of the web.

JavaScript might not be the best language, but when used by experienced developers (no the overnight self-taught kind) it can be awesome. But regardless it's here to stay. So I wish people would stop bitching about how bad it is and focus on helping the developer community get better.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 346

I've very curious as to what the sentence would have been if hypothetically he was paparazzi who took photos though a window or such while they were naked, then released those onto the internet.

In my mind there should have been two different cases. One for the data breach, and one for the release of personal information. While I don't agree with what he did, 10 years seems excessive.

Comment Re:patches on patches (Score 1) 441

Seems like I may have my terminology confused. In my mind all updates are a "patch" (e.g. security hotfix, product update, etc.).

Guess I figured they would keep a branch of their source, and apply things like security fixes to a minor version and release both. For example, if I released v1.0.0 and v2.0.0, and there was a security problem that would affect both then I'd port it both supported branches like v1.0.1 and v2.0.1. When I updated, the latest version would have all the security updates.

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