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Submission + - Developer states he's pirating Windows 8 (

BogenDorpher writes: "Well this is interesting read. A developer is openly stating that he will be pirating Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows 8, because he is tired of the company's Windows activation issues. He argues that pirating Windows is easier than actually activating a legit copy."

Submission + - Mass Effect 3 demo for Xbox coming this February (

BogenDorpher writes: Mass Effect, one of the most popular games on the Xbox to date, is preparing for another installment of the series. A Mass Effect 3 demo will be launching on February 14th 2012, and will include Kinect voice integration!

Submission + - Microsoft announces Kinect for Windows (

BogenDorpher writes: During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced that the Kinect would be available for Windows begining February 1st of this year. On top of that, the price was revealed to be $250, which is $100 more than the Kinect for Xbox.

Submission + - CES 2012: Intel botches live game demo (

BogenDorpher writes: Wow talk about a new low for a company desperately trying to push a product line by tricking consumers. During the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, one of Intel's executives was caught faking a live racing game demo.
Data Storage

Submission + - Windows 8 to have Storage Spaces (

BogenDorpher writes: "In a new Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft details a new feature to Windows 8 called Storage Spaces. This new feature allows for a safe and efficient storage pool for those who have large amounts of data and fear drive failures."

Submission + - Xbox Kinect used to create music video (

BogenDorpher writes: We all know that the Microsoft Kinect is a cool way to interact with games and entertainment. But did you know it can be used to create a music video? New Look's "Nap on the Bow" utilizes the Kinect for a jaw dropping music video.

Submission + - Windows Phone 7.5 has built-in emoticons (

BogenDorpher writes: We already know that words are the best way to describe how you feel. But sometimes words alone are not enough and we need a picture to show our feelings. Well, that's where emoticons come in. Microsoft has provided a cheat sheet of all the built-in emoticons in Windows Phone 7.5

Submission + - Hung Jury in Microsoft-Novell Win95 antitrust case (

BogenDorpher writes: Jurors in a federal court antitrust case involving Microsoft and Novell were unable to reach an unanimous verdict today in a case that deals with Microsoft and its predatory behavior towards the WordPerfect productivity suite back in the 1990s.

Submission + - Windows 8 now allows you to sign in via a picture (

BogenDorpher writes: Microsoft is showing off a new feature called "picture password" in Windows 8. Microsoft is claiming that this new feature is optional and not a replacement to the text password, but instead a cool and secure new way to sign-in

Submission + - Microsoft releases Silverlight 5 (

BogenDorpher writes: Microsoft has officially released Silverlight 5 today, which offers developers assistance in building rich internet applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. It is still unclear whether or not we will see another major release of Silverlight, considering Microsoft is potentially making the move to HTML5.

Submission + - Google releases infographic on Android Market grow (

BogenDorpher writes: Google has releases an infographic that depicts a closer look at where, when, and how the Android Market has achieved 10 billion downloads. Statistics include the most popular time to download, the top ten countries, top ten app download categories, and a few highlights.

Submission + - Urinal-mouted video games the next big thing? (

BogenDorpher writes: British company Captive Media, have managed to create a very unique gaming system, how unique you ask? How about urinating games? These urinal-mounted video gaming platforms allow you to play games with your urine to help pass the time.

Submission + - Google teases future of search in short video (

BogenDorpher writes: Google has put together a six minute video that highlights the major improvements in search technology over the past several years. On top of that, Google talks about the evolution of search and teases about what the company has in store for the future.

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