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Comment Re:That's what they want (Score 1) 298

You have a far better chance of catching them if you don't drive them underground.

If we were talking about fighting censorship, that would be a good point. But we're talking about law enforcement. Whether it's pirating or drug dealing, you can't let them carry out their business and bust them for it too. It's either legal or it's not.

Comment Re:That's what they want (Score 0) 298

We are supposed to have a network where we can communicate freely

You don't get to avoid your country's laws just by creating a computer network. If a terrorist group wants to use the network to plan attacks, and if I want to use it to sell drugs to kids, is that okay? Just saying. There is a line somewhere, and the governments are going to set the line for us - it's the definition of a government.

Comment Re:Poetic Justice (Score 1) 1116

Bullshit. A store employee can't be expected to automatically know that someone is from Iran, especially if they're in the US legally. They're not selling to a foreign country. They're selling to an individual who is in the US.

I generally support a store's right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason. Just be fair and call it racial profiling or discrimination, not a legal requirement.

Comment Re:Oh wow. (Score 1) 211

If you overheard a genuine threat, you'd have to be able to prove it with a recording. Otherwise, the whole effort is useless. But yes, the divulging and long-term storage should be carefully controlled.

If it was done well and successfully, the budget should be very reasonable compared to the rest of the national budget, and it could be an integral part of a country's transportation security. But now I'm just dreaming.

Comment You're doing it wrong. (Score 4, Interesting) 365

its web team was having to spend a lot of time making its new website look normal on IE7

That's a common problem with "new" web sites. Try writing an "old" web site. It will do everything you need it to do, but it'll be faster, and run on every browser. It can still look very pretty, too.

Or, at the very least, test in increments using various browsers, instead of once you're finished. When I was in college, incremental testing easily made the difference between passing and failing a programming course.

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