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Submission + - Did a Call of Duty game get this Kansas man killed by police? (

schwit1 writes: A man was killed by police Thursday night in Wichita, Kansas, when officers responded to a false report of a hostage situation. The online gaming community is saying the dead man was the victim of a swatting prank, where trolls call in a fake emergency and force SWAT teams to descend on a target’s house. If that’s true, this would be the first reported swatting-related death.

Comment Re:Mozilla need to be stopped. (Score 1) 171

Why do you think Pale Moon depends on Firefox?

Basilisk, Pale Moon, and WaterFox all depend on Firefox because their development teams are far too small to keep up the development of a fully-fledged browser. They're going to have to rebase on the latest Firefox code eventually. No doing so will mean the browsers stagnate and fall even further behind.

Additionally, the XUL based add-ons will need developers to maintain them. No one is going to be interested in doing that in the long term because the user base is too small. NoScript is a good example of this. Giorgio Maone has committed to maintaining the old XUL based version of NoScript until June, 2018 after which he'll just focus on the current WebExtensions version.

Submission + - The Worst Job in Technology: Staring at Human Depravity to Keep It Off Facebook (

Templer421 writes: By her second day on the job, Sarah Katz knew how jarring it can be to work as a content moderator for Facebook Inc. She says she saw anti-Semitic speech, bestiality photos and video of what seemed to be a girl and boy told by an adult off-screen to have sexual contact with each other.

Deciding what does and doesn’t belong online is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the technology world—and perhaps the most grueling. The equivalent of 65 years of video are uploaded to YouTube each day. Facebook receives more than a million user reports of potentially objectionable content a day.

Comment Re:Just wait until WebAssembly is forced on us. (Score 1) 76

Even if it could perhaps be disabled, it will likely be impossible to remove all traces of its code from one's system.

WebAssembly runs on the JavaScript VM in your browser just like JavaScript does now. You don't need to "remove all traces of its code" from your system, just clear your browse cache and any cached copies are gone. If you don't want to run WebAssembly (or JavaScript) then just use an extension like NoScript or uMatrix to block it.

Comment Re:All well and good (Score 5, Interesting) 76

But it still has to be able to detect that the code is even there.

It's just a block list. Specifically, this block list. You can make use of the NoCoin block list in, for example, uBlock Origin.

Opera isn't doing anything particularly special here and it's a shame that they don't give the block list author any credit in the blog post (though they do in the comment section and in opera://about/credits in Opera 50 beta itself).

Submission + - UN Ambassador Haley Punked by Russian Comedians (

An anonymous reader writes: The professional comedians reportedly phoned Haley on Thursday, pretending to be Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, in what ended up being a 22-minute conversation.

Comment Re:FF 56 (Score 0) 119

make NoScript and other real tracking protection not work anymore all in the name of "speed."

Firefox has tracking protection built-in. Set it to "always" and it will be on in both normal and private browsing modes. NoScript works in Firefox 57+ and the author of NoScript says Firefox has "the best Browser Extensions API available on any current browser".

Your claims don't match up to the practical realities. Just use Firefox and be happy.

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