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Submission + - Xiph/Mozilla Release Deep Learning Noise Suppression, Ask for Noise Donations

jmv writes: The Mozilla Research RRNoise project shows how to apply deep learning to noise suppression. It combines classic signal processing with deep learning, but it’s small and fast. No expensive GPUs required — it runs easily on a Raspberry Pi. The result is easier to tune and sounds better than traditional noise suppression systems (been there!). And you can help! Find out how to donate your noise to science.

Comment Re:If my extensions stop working I'm going to Chro (Score 1) 297

That leaves WebRequest API and that's so minor the majority of users won't notice nor care.

It's fundamental functionality for ad and script blocking add-ons which are among the most popular add-ons. Blockers work better in Firefox precisely because of its extensions to WebRequest. Read the articles I linked to.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 297

The complete absense of any examples of Rust code that is better than the equivalent C code would be

You mean except for Stylo or how Tor is moving to Rust?

The lack of traction of Rust outside of those that back it

You mean except for when companies like Google use Rust and Dropbox use Rust?

You're welcome.

I think you're a little confused about what evidence is.

Comment Re:Script blocking WILL work (Score 1) 297

Though they're not exactly the same, the WebExtensions APIs are quite similar between Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. That's a much larger ecosystem for add-on developers to work in and browser add-ons are now easier to port between browsers. This sort of thing has already been happening, such as with the Sylus add-on.

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