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Comment Re:Just wait until WebAssembly is forced on us. (Score 1) 76

Even if it could perhaps be disabled, it will likely be impossible to remove all traces of its code from one's system.

WebAssembly runs on the JavaScript VM in your browser just like JavaScript does now. You don't need to "remove all traces of its code" from your system, just clear your browse cache and any cached copies are gone. If you don't want to run WebAssembly (or JavaScript) then just use an extension like NoScript or uMatrix to block it.

Comment Re:All well and good (Score 5, Interesting) 76

But it still has to be able to detect that the code is even there.

It's just a block list. Specifically, this block list. You can make use of the NoCoin block list in, for example, uBlock Origin.

Opera isn't doing anything particularly special here and it's a shame that they don't give the block list author any credit in the blog post (though they do in the comment section and in opera://about/credits in Opera 50 beta itself).

Submission + - UN Ambassador Haley Punked by Russian Comedians (

An anonymous reader writes: The professional comedians reportedly phoned Haley on Thursday, pretending to be Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, in what ended up being a 22-minute conversation.

Comment Re:FF 56 (Score 0) 119

make NoScript and other real tracking protection not work anymore all in the name of "speed."

Firefox has tracking protection built-in. Set it to "always" and it will be on in both normal and private browsing modes. NoScript works in Firefox 57+ and the author of NoScript says Firefox has "the best Browser Extensions API available on any current browser".

Your claims don't match up to the practical realities. Just use Firefox and be happy.

Comment Re:Through the looking glass. (Score 0) 119

Speed is useless without extensions

Meh. There are 7,799 extensions available for Firefox 57+ at the moment. Doesn't seem like Firefox is "without extensions".

Now I use Waterfox and there is also Pale Moon

Why? They're just older, slower versions of Firefox which are unsustainable in the long term. They'll both eventually become like Firefox is now because they are both dependent on upstream development.

Submission + - Privacy Complaints Mount Over Phone Searches at U.S. Border Since 2011 (

schwit1 writes: They spoke of being humiliated and shaken. They described being “made to feel like a criminal.” And they maintained that their rights had been violated.

Grievances over lost privacy run through a trove of roughly 250 complaints by people whose laptops and phones were searched without a warrant as they crossed the United States border. Filed with the Department of Homeland Security since 2011, mostly during the Obama administration, these stories add a personal dimension to a growing debate over rights, security and technology.

The law surrounding electronics searches is in flux.

In 2013, the appeals court in San Francisco ruled that border agents in the states it oversees — including California, Washington and Arizona — must have “reasonable suspicion” to conduct forensic searches of devices. But it left intact an agent’s ability to conduct cursory inspections without any basis for suspicion, and the new limit did not extend to agents elsewhere.

In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that the police need a warrant to search the phones — unlike the pockets — of people arrested inside the country. And in 2015, a judge in Washington, D.C., ruled that the government needed a warrant to search the laptop of someone departing the country, as opposed to arriving.

One particular focus is attorney-client privileged materials, which border agents may scrutinize after consulting a government lawyer. In April, the American Bar Association asked homeland security to require a “subpoena based on probable suspicion or a warrant based on probable cause” for that step. The association also established a task force that is examining broader issues raised by warrantless border searches of electronics.

Also in the spring, several congressional lawmakers filed a bill to require warrants to search the devices of Americans at the border.

Submission + - Nerve swap helps patients use damaged arms again (

schwit1 writes: A kind of nerve swap, cutting a damaged nerve and moving a healthy nerve into its place, helped patients regain the use of partly paralyzed arms, Chinese surgeons reported Wednesday.

Patients who got the surgery were able to once again tie their shoes and use mobile phones with a once-useless hand and arm, the team reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The surgeons believe they have helped the body rewire the nerves to make the damaged arm useful again. But critics say it’s not clear what caused the dramatic effects and say it will take more testing in more patients to see how useful the new technique will be.

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