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Comment Re:you no longer own your devices (Score 1) 193

I don't know why you and your brother post focus so much on phones bought on contract! If you did so then the provider is the seller and the entity with which you have a sale contract and a telecommunications contract or 2-in-one or whatever labels or combinations they come up with. They should be the ones on the hook for making you whole, as opposed to some company from another continent with which you never had a contract to start with.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 239

You are right, but the point still stands: once you step over a zone border (which is what I mentioned from the original post) the ticket is 5+ euro (well, if it doesn't qualify for Kurzstrecke, 1-2 stops which is for U-Bahn for example). YES, you can go a long way with 2.70 (2.80 from Sunday) for a single-zone ticket but once you're outside "the white zone" every time you step on the U-Bahn feels like you've been fined. Again, assuming you have already a car and you need to decide for a one-off trip: do I take the car or public transport.

We aren't talking about suburbs that are tens of km away from city limits, we aren't talking about gated communities for billionaires, we aren't talking about some small village in the woods that's hard to service by public transport.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 239

Well, I don't know where you live, but I have a lot of experience in Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Munich - not exactly known as cheap cities -, and spending 5 EUR on any one-way travel in the extended inner city is nearly impossible.

Maybe your experience is outdated. Specifically if you just cross a "circle" for Munich the one-way ticket is 5.40 ... wait just for the next 2 days because then it goes up to 5.60, they were probably thinking it's too cheap...

Note that what they call "Inner District/Munich" is 4 circles and if you go again to the same circle you have to count it again. Like you go 2-1-2 it is 3 circles = 8.40 EUR.

I'm glad if your car does not depreciate, needs neither oil changes nor other service, is untaxed, and the insurance is free.

We're talking about people who already own cars (and how to make them use public transport instead). Extra expenses from driving 5-10km (total) are absolutely marginal while 20+ euros (for example for going 3 U-Bahn stops and back for 2 adults) aren't.

Comment Re:But... (Score 3, Insightful) 239

people having a car don't really care about saving a couple of euros to travel within Paris/suburbs

I don't know about France but in Germany those "few euros" quickly add up to something that looks more like a fine precisely design to discourage the use of public transportation. One-way one person is around 5 euros for anything but the shortest stretch (you can easily pay 4.65 euro even for just one stop if crossing the tariff zones). And there's no cheaper option for a return ticket so you're looking at 20 euros for a return trip for two persons. It just doesn't compare with 1 euro in gas plus 1-1.5 euro parking (if needed).

Plus no matter if there is no inflation, no matter if the prices for energy and gas drop the prices for public transportation go up like 4% each time I check...

The way it is and because of loss aversion many people consider public transport not something cheap that lacks comfort but rather some expense they wouldn't do unless they're forced (like car in the shop or they can't drive because of some medical problem, or they want to drink something, etc).

Comment Re:Hard drive or software? (Score 1) 106

There will be extra effort for sure, you need to install the application, you need to log in with your amazon credentials (or make an account if you don't have one), probably select what you want to sync to amazon cloud, etc. They don't mention any new app developed by Amazon for this so I can only assume the existing (horrid) amazon drive windows software will be used. Also this is just cloud sync, not backup, if you overwrite a file by mistake (or some virus does it) it is good bye and thank you for all the fish.

It really doesn't seem to be more than just giving you a freebie when buying some product, which isn't in any way new. Seagate portable drives and some Samsung phones come with something like 200GB OneDrive space.

Comment I experienced this first hand (Score 1) 27

I helped a friend install a new computer and then after all was fine he started to lose the telephony (which looks for the customer like PSTN but is voip over Telekom's router), the DNS (which was by default served from the same router) and ultimately all internet connectivity. After reboot it would work again for 10-20 minutes then start to lose it gradually. I guess it could be some kind of DoS.

It took us quite a while to actually google and find there's a big outage going on. All the while the friend insisted it's the new computer's fault (even after we disconnected it), no there are no such coincidences...

I didn't have any issue even if I'm in the same area (and with Telekom) but of course I'm not using their PoS router.

Comment What about accidental drops?! (Score 2) 159

I do like the current trend of getting more and more display real-estate on the same phone, I really do. Plus getting the buttons outside the screen, Samsung is on the right track here.

BUT the fact that there is so little give means you can break your 600$/EUR phone just with a drop from the nightstand. Plus it's harder to hold it properly without touching the screen. I haven't had a phone with a case since pre-iPhone era, when Windows Mobile PDAs with large displays would crack even without while looking at them. It was all fine with 2010-2015 phones, stairs or concrete drops would just leave some small marks but nothing special. Now I've seen with the new S6/S67s so many cracked displays AND/or backs (glass back, really?!) that I had to think better and go back to using a case. And that defeats the whole purpose.

Comment There's also the "RAW" issue for USB drives (Score 1) 259

Just google "raw usb aniversary" (sorry, I had the link from one of MS pages confirming it and recommending not to upgrade and not to mess with your disks but I can't find it anymore).

This is particularly scary as people might destroy their data while "recovering" it. Also from backup drives...

Comment NO NO NO! NO! (Score 1) 290

We already have this scourge which I couldn't manage to disable in Whatsapp. Instead of just getting a text that would comfortably fit in a line on a mobile, never mind a ~160-character SMS I have to scramble to get some headphones, download the audio and listen for two minutes (that feel like two days) for something like "hi, what's up, errr, hhmmmm, hi, please do that" or "you forgot that".

Comment Aren't Intel's older CPUs actually FASTER? (Score 2) 66

Didn't Intel say they're going for SLOWER CPUs? AFAIK 4790K is the fastest single thread x86 CPU and it is quite a few years old (it is also considerably more expensive now than it was when launched!!!).

I know, sure it isn't really the same with portables and there are energy efficiency improvements but still the point is that 3 years old CPUs aren't what they used to be so to speak :-)

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