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Comment Re:Same here (Score 1) 250

But what I don't understand is do Americans have Internet without cable tv?

My phone company offers DSL. So do a dozen other providers that lease the lines from the phone company. Most people I know have told me that DSL is too slow for streaming. They denied my claim that my DSL connection streamed HD Netflix just fine for years. They flat out just didn't believe me.

Now my phone company now offers a fiber line with 1Gbps up and down. It's only a little more expensive than the DSL.

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 1) 233

Your previous statements did not address the finance ministers actions, so I'm going to assume you have no statement on that topic. Seems I had wasted a lot of our time trying to actually have a debate about something interesting. I'll take this as a lesson learned. Enjoy doing that shit.

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 1) 233

You seem to be mostly emphasizing me being a PENIS, a DICK and BUTT HURT. If you are not aware, emphasis is better applied through bold and italic text. All caps is a bit more like shouting. This is doubly so when you use the all caps to call someone names. It really does weaken your argument.

To the topic at hand:
Everything you said about the Greek economy was about their culture. The only thing you said about the finance minister is that he was a part of that culture. While that's true, it did not address what he did or failed to do, which is what I asked.

Comment Re:Is there a downside to upgrading to 10? (Score 1) 665

Perhaps not doing, but they say they can do it and ask you to agree to it. That's pretty bad. I also wouldn't agree to a contract that says a company can do X but trust us we won't. That's why I don't buy games on Steam "We can delete your account for any reason whenever we like" are bad terms of sale, in my book.

Comment Re:Gets worse near the end of the article (Score 1) 233

With your name calling and all caps, you seem to care very much. As I had pointed out before, just because he was the finance minister at the time does not mean it was caused by him. In fact, given how their government is structured, it's unclear how he could have prevented the crisis. Can you name one thing he had the power to do that would have prevented it?

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