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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 4, Interesting) 327

I have no love for AT&T and I'm glad the guy won, but if one of my customers sued me, I'd drop them in a heartbeat!

If you're not falsely-advertising your services, then you have nothing to worry about.

We run a hosting company and have been putting up with this for years. We provide underloaded servers that have packages with hard limits to prevent abuse and to ensure people get what they pay for. All these "unlimited" hosting plans have been scams from day-1 and we're glad someone is finally getting held to task for the dumbing down of the market.

Comment Re:Won't touch the cloud now. (Score 1) 117

Cloud computing is a marketing architecture, not a technical architecture.

Cloud computing is a form of shared hosting, just with more encapsulation; Clouds fall over the same way a server can fall over. It's hard to blame "The Cloud" when the reality is the people that were suckered in by obtuse, non-specific marketing are the ones at fault. The argument can even be made that Clouds are worse becuase instead of many discreet isolated servers you start sharing more single points of failure, which lead to IO bottlenecks, etc.

Comment Re:In a free country (Score 1) 586

To be the devil's advocate - gathering evidence IS the attempt of proving guilt.

That makes no sense. You can't break-into someone's house to gather evidence just because you feel like it. There are rules that must be followed, and yes, the law applies to the govt. too. Even if they have the means to skirt the law via warrants, etc, they must follow procedure. TBH, I'm glad the judicial branch is starting to get a backbone.

Comment continue the support yourself (Score 1) 140

'However, we strongly encourage our community of NetBeans Ruby users and developers to volunteer to take on development of Ruby on Rails support for the NetBeans IDE. " Remember Netbeans is just Forte - the whole thing is just a collection of modules. Fork the ruby module.

Submission + - DNF (srs) (

teknopurge writes: It's happened — 5.6.2011: Duke Nukem Forever will be released. We're still waiting to hear back on the cold-front blowing through hell. Satan is rumored to be displeased.

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