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Comment Re:What about a review of systemd? (Score 1) 51

You would probably find that you are unhappy with his review of systemd.

In fact, since systemd has turned into a kind of tribal warfare, where facts don't matter and sides are the only thing, someone who comes with a fact-based argument would likely be rejected by both sides.

If you think you can write a better systemd, then do it. Frankly, it's not that hard, the main thing people want is an easy way to write init scripts. You don't need to include a time-server. The difficulty is gettiing the UI correct (that is, making it easy for system builders to write init scripts).

Follow the Unix philosophy and it has a good chance of being accepted by the larger community.

Comment Re:AI In China (Score 1) 169

Makes perfect sense if you realize it's not AI, it's actually machine learning that is being called AI.

Machine learning is a form of AI. The proper way to make the point you are trying to make is to say, "That's just weak AI. They aren't even trying to make strong AI." Then you can lead into a discussion of why weak AI will never take over the planet.

Comment Re: AI In China (Score 1) 169

Yeah. AI has made art.

No lol. The key question to ask in evaluating art is, "What was communicated by that art?" In the case of AI art, the answer is, "a bunch of derivative crap." Though frankly that describes a lot of human created art as well, AI art has not reached the level of human crap.

Comment Re:They have a right!!!! (Score 1) 84

When was the last time you tried to donate money to your preferred politician?

It's physically impossible for your senator to talk to every person in his/her district. However, if you find a thousand (or even a hundred) like-minded people, pool in a hundred bucks each, your senator will be extremely eager to talk to you.

In fact, if you can get a thousand like-minded people who actually want to talk to your politician (instead of signing some kind of online poll), there is also a very good chance the politician will want to talk to you. Especially if you can speak rationally instead of emotionally.

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