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Comment Re:buying balloons (Score 1) 51

Check your local air regs, you may not be allowed to launch a 30-footer without special permission. You probably CAN launch below some specified weight-limit though, which is usually enough for a GPS, APRS board, small 2m transmitter, camera, and batteries.

Nick VA3NNW, part of the team

Comment Re:Heard it, relayed (Score 1) 51

Can't help wondering if the "?????" is NOT a bad decode, but a bad GPS fix. The rest of the frame is quite well-formatted including the / and O. It looks like it still has Altitude (the A=) but the value looks dodgy compared with when it DOES have a fix.

Nick VA3NNW ... recently been studying APRS101.pdf and oh, my, what a mess, not so much a standard, looks more like a dumping ground of every new format anyone felt like inventing :-(

Comment Re:Properly traine software testers (Score 1) 180

The term "spectrum" is a bit misleading and gives the impression of being one-dimensional, like an "autism score from 0-100". The very page you've linked to shows it's a bit more multi-dimensional than that. Essentially, there's a collection of different symptoms (say, ABCDE), and if you've got some of them, you have a Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). If you've got ALL of them (ABCDE) you've got a really bad case of utterly low-functioning autism, but that's fantastically rare. If you've got ABC but no problem with D or E you might have Asperger's syndrome, if you've got ADE you might have "HFA", if you've got some other combination they'll just call it "PDD-NOS", which is a kinda catch-all for "other"... Never mind even more complicated things like "A and B and a bit of occasional D and E" which you might find in typical testing.

Back to the "autism score from 0-100", one sufferer's 50% might be precisely the opposite 50% to someone else's 50%, showing a totally different set of symptoms out of the "whole set", they'd be good at different things, bad at different things, and need to accommodated in fairly different ways

"It's complicated" :-(

Comment Re:Excuse Me. Driver? (Score 1) 34

You're definitely not making it up.
Our physical hardware deployment time, from ordering? probably measured in months. A VM? Minutes.
Virtualisation these days robs you of less than 1% CPU and not much RAM, 50 VMs take a lot less hardware/space/power/cooling than 50 physical hosts, and in fact caching advantages mean they'll usually perform a lot better than 50 physical hosts too.

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