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Comment My Volunteer EMS service (Score 1) 200

I am in a Volunteer ambulance service we are also a USA Medical Corps member so we have a response to MCI's and natural disaster events. We mainly work sporting events, fairs, festivals and so on. Some are loud (Cage fights, heavy metal concerts etc) so voice comms are not very useful. Some are spread across hundreds of miles vast sections lack even cell service (like the Fireweed 400; Sheep Mountain to Valdez, AK). And some we run a field clinic with 3 exam rooms and 5+ roaming teams of medics and 2 fast response team in a non-motorized setting with a tight HIPAA compliant comm net. So our needs are quite varied. Several of us in leadership are IT or comm pros (our comm director owns a industrial communications sales/service for oil and gas exploration companies) and have gone though a number of potential solutions. This is what we do: Our backbone for disaster work is the ALMR radio system some of which can carry data or will soon. We have a few SAT phones for bush work. Over that we have our own VHF/UFH simplex/duplex radios with repeaters and FCC assigned channels (however that works) for our day to day work cupeled with regular data plans with a ATT MiFi type divice for PCR's, SCAT forms and as much paperwork as we con do electronically.

I have to wonder why you need the local networking?

I know I didn't address the question of the best way to set up an EMS/Fire network, but that's what I got. Good luck.

Comment Dedicated for the CAR as nav/diagnostics/sound (Score 1) 301

I have my old iPhone 3G mounted in my Land Rover. Its mounted on the dash and hooked up to the OBD II port. Charges while my LR1 is running. I use GOPOINT's cable and software to monitor my systems. I have WiFi installed so I have GPS and stereo functions (use the headphone jack so the iOS is not captured by the stereo). Doesn't matter if it's a iOS or Android. Better functions then all but the big screen GPS and entertainment systems. Install your messaging apps of choice and you will never be out of touch if you forget your phone at home. lastly, take some thought as to what data is onboard. It's a lot higher profile if somewhat permanently mounted on or around your dash. Not an issue for me. No one would ever think to break into my overland LR1 just based on it's slightly intimidating looks (I know it could still happen, but....)

Comment Fine line.... (Score 1) 593

Remember the First Amendment doesn't protect you IF you are inciting violence. "I am starting the revolution" is pretty thin and then he went and said he was going "to sever heads" and "come for the generals". It would have to show in his other posts he had the Means, Motive and Opportunity to start issuing violence to the good ole USA. So yeah, I say it quals are terroristic threats. He's page being "private" has nothing to do with it, that is way different then in his head.

Comment Well off to a good start (not) (Score 1) 388

Look at our electronic voting issues in Alaska (total tallied votes FAR exceeded individual districts added up) and Anchorage (oversight telling workers to ignore broken tamper seals). This is the foundation of online voting. Sure it might work in someplaces but all it takes is for a few voters to lose their vote. It's far better for apathetic citizens to not vote then for voters to not have their vote counted.

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