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Comment Re:Can't believe this took so long (Score 1) 123

When I was using Windows I always had Cygwin installed, and when I switched to using a Mac one of my favorite aspects (seriously) was having a real shell and all of the unix utilities again.

I went from Windows to Linux, but then (circa 2003) switched to Mac because it gave me all the Unix tools I relied on, along with easier access to mainstream programs I needed - like Photoshop.

Now, Microsoft is moving towards the command line for power users, while Apple appears to be dropping hints they want to lock down computers the same way they lock down iOS. When I'm ready for a new computer in two or three years, I'm not sure it'll be a Mac. I still have a lot of history-driven distrust of Microsoft, though... but Linux is still there.

And perhaps, by that point in time, systemd will include its own 64-bit Windows emulation layer. At which point I might opt for early retirement and no computers at all.

I am the original author. I believe since WSL uses Ubuntu that is runs SystemD by default so you won't escape that easily. If you really want to be purist I suppose you could launch a VM of FreeBSD in either platform if your future PC has enough horsepower to take the hit in performance. SuSE is the other one that is on the Windows appstore which also switched to SystemD if I am not mistaken.

Comment Re:Why doesn't Win have complete Bash + tools? (Score 1) 123

PowerShell integrates with WMI and .NET stuff like Active Directory alot easier for stuff like Exchange or SQL Server.

This is real bash and Ubuntu binaries running, but is mainly for developers as to not loose marketshare to Linux and MacOSX. Not for system admin stuff. However the latest beta make using OpenSSH much easier for system admins too if you need it and no longer need Putty.

Comment Re:To make Linux solutions depend on Windows (Score 1) 123

Linux programs, scripts, solutions, will now be able to interact with Windows and services that are unique to Windows, creating Linux solutions which will depend on Windows to work properly.

That's the extend part.

FYI I am the author of the story. Lately, hosting daemons on SystemD scares me more than running them via services on Windows :-D~ ... ducks.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Interesting) 123

Unless Microsoft starts pumping out MS Unix with a Windows front end, none of the reasons for using Linux, BSD, or another Unix go away. This just seems like it would be cosmetic stuff for geeks who are used to being able to awk grep and sed their way out of most problems.

3 things:
1. MS is scared of competition. Their biggest nightmare has come true not from Linux, but from Mobile. If they do not stay relevent people won't buy win32 based apps or Windows
2. Visual Studio was in trouble as the cool kids use node.js, android and IOS development tools there is less demand for Visual Sudio and win32 desktop development. Good Android Studio, IntelJ, and even xcode are all knocking on Microsoft's doorstep
3. Virtual Machines are a pain for non I.T. professionals to configure and consume lots of resources

So Ubuntu and now Suse for Windows gives you the Linux command set. You can even use Debian tools like 'tasksel' to configure a whole LAMP stack and apt-get install npm from bash.exe and have a whole development environment FAST. If you mess something up just uninstall and reinstall Ubuntu/Suse from the appstore or add/remove features and start over.

These updates make it easier to cut and paste SMB and Linux paths and are nice when SSH into servers.

Visual Studio also has Android emulators that use Hyper-V underneath and include CLANG and other compilers if you go into options to help OpenSource and mobile developers. No you did not misread that!

What it shows is in 2017 that MS realized they are no longer IBM anymore. Times change and they want to remain relevant.

Ms also wants to host Linux and FreeBSD servers in Azure as well. I guess this is reason 3.5. As long as they get paid they do not give a shit what OS you use as to MS the platform is not Windows anymore. It is Azure and Windows or Linux are just one of it's layers that run on top. But that is semi unrelated to WSL but explains why VS is warming up to Linux as well.

Competition is good and as MS is very unpopular here, I have to say Apple scared me worse when Jobs was in charge when they started getting powerful. Just think what would happen if MacOS won the 1980s OS wars instead of Windows?

Comment Re:Short Answer: Yes and No (Score 1) 357

Or we state reality. We don't want handouts.

If anything Trump is kind of liberal in that he wants to stop outsourcing jobs and insourcing H1B1s which have greatly deflated wages while the company owners have excess cash as a result who buy up land to raise rents and home values with rent seeking behavior they call investments.

If you oppose globalism you are a communist if you think of it? FYI I am a democrat but support globalism which upsets some of my liberal friends because I see in another 15 years the race to bottom will come back here. Infact, it already has for MasterLock and a few companies as labor and distribution costs to outsource go up. Chinese earn almost as much as minimum wage here in the US at just under $8 an hour last I looked for a factory worker. IN 1998 it was like $.50 an hour.

Someone is getting HUGe pay increases and prosperity. Just not in the western world and this is a result of outsourcing as the numbers show.

Liberals do not support government intervention because we love government. We just hate corporatism and big corporate controlled governments, but have no quarrel supporting healthcare and other things as I really do not give a shit about the Walmart CEO's free corporate headquarters paid for by your tax dollars. I do care about the homeless I see out in the cold.

Comment Re: Those who were there vs those who were not (Score 1) 357

Leaving the house? Are you joking? You don't find work by pounding the pavement anymore. You can try it but everyone will tell you to apply online. My full time unpaid job is to find a job and I'm on the internet all day every day searching for work and applying for jobs. There's nothing out there except fake job postings. Companies simply use the internet to abuse the job market and run outsourcing scams.

Dude I know your struggle. It sucks. The way out of this is to hoe yourself to temp agencies. If you have minimal I.T. skills like most slashdotters you can get a temp to hire or just a temp job to fill in your gap. If you blow them away they will hire or at least give you a reference. Your boss at the temp agency like RobertHalf may put you at the top of the list for the next highest paying temp to hire jobs and let those unemployed fight for the lower ones afterwards.

I have done it and it was the only way I could gain an employer willing to take a risk. Yes, you are a high risk if you have a GAP which HR will do anything in their power to stop you from being hired. BUT... BUT ... if you are a contractor they can't do shit and you can prove to HR that you are not risky and worth a hire after 3 months. Sucks but is reality.

Comment Re:Measurement of a Feeling (Score 1) 357

> Imagine a young mellinial in San Jose today who plans to buy his first starter home within 2 years after his first real job? How realistic is this? ... In 1967? Easy. Everyone could afford a nice home even without a degree back then in San Jose.

That says more about San Jose than it does the rest of the country. And that's assuming that we all buy your narrative there that sounds like it came from a black and white TV show that you didn't even pay attention to properly.

It is almost every. Rents and home prices have doubled since 2011 and wages have remained stagnant. If you owned a home before then great. If not FU I got mine attitude etc.

There were plenty of high paying blue collared jobs and cheap housing back in 1967. No automation. Cheap insurance. People who did go to college could live 1/3 of their income no problem. Today if you got 10 years of coding you could be this today. But that is not the real world for the average American who last I checked made $52,000 a year. Try living off of that and saving $30,000 in cash for a starter home and paying $1500 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment while you wait to have the cash?

My parents grew up in the midwest and told me how much money some jobs with highschool diplomas paid. Adjusted for inflation most paid a good $60,000 to $80,000 a year in todays money with little to no experience at any factory or chemical plant. NO immigrants willing to work for $5/hr an hour under the table. No Chinese factories. No robots. No computers which meant bookeepers etc.

I am not arguing for socialism. I am just saying these opinions based on a few elite coders here are wrong. For the bottom 75% are lives suck today compared to back then Vietnam, racial tensions, or not.

Comment Re:Measurement of a Feeling (Score 1) 357

Imagine a young mellinial in San Jose today who plans to buy his first starter home within 2 years after his first real job? How realistic is this? ... In 1967? Easy. Everyone could afford a nice home even without a degree back then in San Jose.

Sure you got yours. But what about those just trying to fill their resume?

Things are not better today as people keep repeating.

Comment Re:Short Answer: Yes and No (Score 2) 357

I see lots and lots of responses here saying it's so much better? Do you make 6 figures??

If you're not an engineer or programmer you're fucked. Times were better. With a bachelor's degree you could take in 6 figures easily adjusted for inflation. Tons of cheap housing in New York or Chicago for young people. Everyone owned a home no problem etc

Things are terrible now. Especially outside of your nice coding jobs.

Comment Re:I would say yes (Score 1) 357

Walmart, automation, and outsourcing changed things. The job to person ratio favored the worker.

Walmart started a race to the bottom. Also it forced manufacturers overseas to cut costs as Walmart wouldn't stock your product if you couldn't undercut the competition.

Today people are begging to work minimum wage at these same once high paying factory jobs.

Service jobs are left and most pay shit and can be done in India or by robots

Comment Re:I would say yes (Score 1) 357

My parents told me in Northwest Indiana you could make $17/hr out of highschool working at Dupont. Today this area has 30% unemployment rate and is Trump country.

Adjusted for inflation $17/hr in 1965 for today is 75,000 today.

All you had to do was work to get rich back then. No degree needed. Man what a time.

Comment Re:Stupid American Responses (Score 1) 357

This stupid American will respond:
1. Parents could buy home easily and affordability
2. Parents had cheap and comprehensive Heath insurance that covered things
3. Parents could get nice high paying jobs with just a high school diploma adjusted for inflation were more than 70K a year
4. Apartments in urban areas were affordable for young people. Especially in New York and San Francisco
5. A bachelor's degree was an instant ticket to be a millionaire. Get one and you could get a job nearly making 80K a year adjusted for inflation fresh out of college
6. Only one spouse needed to work as cost of living was so cheap and wages so high.
7. Companies we're loyal to you for 30 years. No metrics, outsourcing, or laying off 15% every quarter.
8. People had actual penchants not 401Ks.
9. If you and your spouse worked 3 jobs you both would be rich and could easily live on 1/3 of your wages

So yeah I want to yell screw you at those who say well I got mine with a smirk and I must have made mistakes!

You live in a bubble as a programmer and made it because you were born in a different time. For the rest of America we had enough and voted for Trump just to give you the idea of desperation and anger. Trump should be a sign something is wrong as this also would not have happened 60 years ago.

If you make 6 figured yeah America is still great. If you can never own a home, work contract jobs, don't have access with your $50,00 degree for non $10/hr jobs and you and your spouse work 3 jobs just to not starve this was unheard of 60 years ago. It's reality for A HUGE chunck of pissed off society.

Even if you lived in a place like LA and New York try living and owning property before age 30 like in the old days?

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