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Comment Re:Good grief (Score 1) 259

There's definitely some differences here; there's no regulation on IoT, there is on cell phones and the like, for starters. Plus, the notion of security seems to at least be _present_ on cell phones, a la secure enclaves, etc. For Amazon Echo, et al, there's nothing. It's just a crap linux kernel on some MICROCHIP bought processor designed to listen for _one thing_, and then hook you into monitoring services. At least with a phone you have to open an app before companies generally get that ability, explicitly.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 4, Informative) 370

Why are you looking for collisions? You literally just need to hash images... no need to find a magic hash that works. You get the image you want Facebook to block, either upload it to their "dumb fucks that trust me" database (everyone still remembers Zuckerberg said this about early Facebook users, right?), or you upload a bunch of hashes of images you want Facebook to block... which you can obtain by just surfing Facebook, downloading, and hashing the images. Then you sit back and laugh as half of Facebook goes dark. Hate your neighbour's profile photo? Submit that image and or a hash of it. Done. Otherwise, what are they doing to do, make you prove you own the image? "Sorry, I need you to uhh, verify this genitalia is yours...."

Comment Re:Fear mongering (Score 3, Insightful) 243

This. A softmax function isn't going to take over the world, no matter how far they shrink a GPU die or whatever else. Besides, Hawking knows nothing about AI. He's a physicist, and he's smart, sure, but he's not a developer, he doesn't have any credibility in this area and giving him street time to shill Nick Bostrom's bullshit book is just sad.

Comment Re:Wrong approach (Score 1) 50

They're doing this because of a contract disagreement with NVIDIA. Basically, some of the language wasn't clear from TESLA's perspective, and Elon through a tantrum instead of saying 'fine, instead of throwing 100m in the bin, we'll fucking work through a 500k line item'. If they want to use a power hungry chip in a vehicle that depends on range, from a vendor with a weaker AI component -- let them go for it. First lesson in business: Divorce your fucking emotion.

Comment Re:Facts (Score 1) 226

> an engineering degree from Auburn University.
Wow... fucking worthless. A party school in southern US offers an engineering degree, in what, Football Team Management? But seriously, Tom Cook's leadership at Apple is "half-assed". The giant chunk of the iPhone X screen missing, the LTE issues with Apple Watch, zero innovation for any of their new products (there is zero at Apple you cannot get at Google, NVIDIA, or other companies), the crushing of their own ecosystem (getting rid of the timepod or whatever because 'it wasn't profitable enough' even though it solves a major problem -- back up -- for a bunch of the other devices Apple is supposed to be selling), the lack of common fucking design sense (lowering laptop batteries from 99kwh to 76 to make them thinner, and then on TOP adding a shitty GPU (AMD) to the mix, which is MORE power hungry and less performance focused than the competitor) .... the list goes on and on. This guy is a fucking moron. He doesn't give a shit about product design, and everything but the iPhone is a 'side market'.

Comment Re:That's not right... (Score 1) 139

> Are you sure?

Yes. And it is bullshit.

Let's say you were given 1,000 shares of MSFT, today, at $72.50 -- the total award is worth $72,500. However, they make you pay half of that as an option. Your 'gain' in that case is $36,350. This is then converted to some GBP value, and then you are assessed, immediately, on that amount of tax being owed to the HMRC. It's counted directly as income -- even though it has never been realised, etc. As for how the company claims this on their balance sheet, I have no clue -- but it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't matter at all because most business keep their money offshore anyway, right?

*That* is the part that is ironic -- Amazon is making shitloads of money in the UK, but they're claiming they're just giving away shares to the employeeees and that's why they're not paying as much. We're enriching your people! We promise! It's total shit.

Bonus points: You can contribute to retirement accounts here, IF you do not make over a certain amount of money. This is easy to predict if you're just looking at base wages. However, if you get paid in stock, and the stock goes up quite a lot, you could get really fucked as the UK retroactively reduces the amount you were allowed to put into retirement accounts over the year. It's something like every 2 GBP you earn over some limit you can put 1 GBP less into retirement -- and the starting pool is ~11k GBP.

Last I checked, nobody could predict stock prices -- so it's a total shit show for admittedly a minority of people (those making anywhere from 100k to 150k GBP/year). Still, one would think that the UK gov't would realize that ultra wealthy people do not give a shit about putting 11k into a retirement account that cannot be touched until they're 65 or whatever. Why even regulate it retroactively?

The US is much more sensible in this respect. You get the award, it's valued at something, when you sell it they do a simple transaction showing how much you gained and that's it. Done.

Comment Re:That's not right... (Score 1) 139

You're right -- the original measures in the post were wrong and the correct measures can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/income-tax-...; they mirror what you say and I stand corrected
That said, the tax brackets do not really matter, other than this: There is basically a flat tax in the UK -- it hits anyone who isn't in the most remedial of jobs. The difference between 40 and 45% from 33.5k - 150k is pointless, particularly for people at the 150k side of the scale. However, 40% tax on money over 33.5k is is pretty brutal to ever escape paycheck to paycheck living, particularly if they have children or any kind of debt (house, car, etc). For a country that has largely socialistic values, they have some very pro-capitalist taxation schemes.

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