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Journal Journal: Need help in choosing school in Northern California 3

Realm of study: Autonomous Mining Robots

Primary Degree ?

Secondary Degree ?

Cognitive psyhchology, ai, mechanical engineering, mining engineering...(open to suggestions)

I have 3 years of a chemical engineering degree, but need something to "hook me" when I go back to college. Recomendations?

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Journal Journal: Someone broke into my car 3

They took;

My 150 dollar Stereo without the faceplate (can't even buy a new one)
10 or so of my favorite pens
4 books that weren't in the backpack on Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Psychology, Discrete/Non-Discrete/Continuous Mathematics, Astrometry, and a book of poems by bukowski
2 pop-science books on contemporary genetic/evolutionary theory that were in my backpack
4 notebooks filled with homework, theories, notes, art projects, and rough drafts of various gaming maps I'm working on.
My favorite jacket (had it for 9 years)

I don't hate the person. I don't really hate anyone. I just wish that society provided more means to survive for that poor animal than to steal. It seems I have another reason to become a teacher. That's all.

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