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Comment Re:Union Shop (Score 1) 313

Bizarre non-sequitur is bizarre. You DO know that Corporate Democrats frequently run to the right of Republicans, yes? Who gutted welfare - Reagan or Clinton? Who repealed habeas corpus - Bush or Obama?

Who's been a huge donor to those Corporate Democrats? Harvey Weinstein.

Comment Re:anyone still believe this Peak Bullshit? (Score 1) 209

Those are different stories.

And Whitewater was a different story from Vince Foster - but they were both parts of the same deranged partisan witch hunt. Now Democrats have decided it's their turn to engage in hysterical bullshit to avoid talking about just how much and how hard their party sucks.

What is your problem with seeing them reported independently, as they come to light?

Read up on witch hunts and the complete lack of evidence for any of the Russiagate theories and you'll have the answer to your question.

Comment Re:Maybe it's just you.. (Score 2) 395

I have to agree, I see more excuses then actual proof that you can write good code. In short for most organizations the ability to write perfect code is nearly impossible. The aspects of what is considered good code are mostly academic and abstract in nature, rarely consider real world problems, such as speed to delivery, compatibility with legacy systems, having to try to justify to share holders why there isn't any visible change to the product...

As someone who had started out as a programmer and had advanced to Architect and Manager, I find myself having to direct the less experience coders to do things in a way that I know myself would had issues with doing such back when I was started, with my head fresh with ideas on what was right and what was wrong. There is a real balance that needs to take place. In terms of interviewing and explaining your code examples if you could explain the reasons why you did it that way vs other ways, chances are the hiring staff would be able respect your code more.

Normally if I am reviewing a potential employee code samples, I am trying to gauge their technical skills by seeing that they can in fact produce complete code, ingenuity seeing how they are able to work around problems, organization making sure their code is done in some sort of logical order. I am not going to nitpick on how well they isolate classes, or if they decided to make a polymorphic class structure with overloaded operators.

At one employer I had made a test that was rather good at getting good employees.
Problem 1: HTML/CSS I had a picture of an overlapping boxes on top of a grid, and ask them to reproduce it.
Problem 2: I had a SQL command that returned no rows, however the table and logic obviously shows that it should. They were to debug the code and fix the problem.
Problem 3: Make a basic Input form in the language needed asking for an American Address fields (with leading 0 zip codes) with appropriate checks to make sure the address is valid.

I have found that more most people this test actually takes them 4 hours to complete they are allowed to use Google to search for help, but they are not allowed to chat with someone else or ask a direct question, so they are proctored. I had found out that this test weeded out a lot of bad developers as retained mostly good ones. As they knew how to search for information they didn't know, analyse and break apart complex code to find problems and deal with problems which may have a hidden twist to them.

But back to the point, blaming your CTO for bad code is just a lame excuse. I have dealt with bad CTO with stupid ideas, and I found ways to make them work.

Comment Re:Another reason why bitcoin is garbage (Score 2) 427

We still have the indents on the credit cards. You could have taken the credit card numbers then punched them in at a later time. There is even an device that take the indents of the card and with carbon paper creates a receipt with the card number on it.

Before the days of credit card, stores kept a Tab on their customers, so they can get goods and services even if they didn't have the cash on hand at the time.


Comment Re:Awesome news (Score 1) 195

Below 6Mbps most streaming services are shit at any resolution. My internet access has recently been capped to 3, 5, 6, and 10 Mbps at different times and for various reasons and that is the point at which Amazon and HBO become usable for instance. Netflix remains usable at lower rates (maybe even down 3 as you say) but the quality is so poor, why bother

Comment Re:Ignore them (Score 1) 395

Bull shit. Those companies are paying their salaries, so they clearly support their actions (in the only way meaningful within capitalism, let alone by a corporation. When you do something for money for someone, you represent them. This is not hard. Neither people "just following orders" nor corporations "unaware of the actions of their employees" deserve a free pass, period.

Here is a suggestion for cleaning up corporate malfeasance: hold managers legally responsible for the actions of their employees, and limit their salary based on the salaries of their employees. (Multiplier up for debate. Suggest 1.) The person to whom that HR droid reports should also be held accountable for an illegal request for copywritten and confidential data of that nature. The hiring process is designed to separate managers from responsibility, but if they aren't responsible for anything, what good are they?

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