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Comment The Rule of Law. (Score 5, Insightful) 56

If we ever get a functioning justice system in this country, civil litigation of this sort would be redundant. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know that the NSA employs people to commit billions of felonies every day. Until and unless they actually get punished for it, this shit will continue.


Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 3, Interesting) 207

However showing that there are dozen of genes. It would make sense racial factors would be a minor aspect. Also many of our racial distinctions have less to do about genetics and more about culture.
Intelligence is complex, while we may measure it in terms of IQ but there are many variations of it and a lot of it is also based environment.
You could have genes that would make you the strongest person in the world, but you never exercised so they are genetically inferior people who are stronger than you because they maximize their potential while you didn't. The same with intelagance you can have the won the genetic lottery in terms of intelligence. But you may not have worked it out, so if you take that IQ test your score wouldn't reflect your full potential.

Comment Re:Differential and management are not the same. (Score 1) 194

The institution of the medical doctor is a very imbedded one. Medical schools are selective not because they will weed out the bad doctor, but to keep the supply of doctors down to prevent the institution from getting over saturated and lowering the paycheck amount. Then there are rules and regulations for what mid-level providers can can can't do. So you may go to a nurse practitioner (NP) it may appear that they are doing the same job as a MD but a doctor will need to sign off on the work and recommendations. Oddly enough many insurances will not pay directly for these mid-levels which could be a huge cost savings.
Now with all that said AI will not get the final say. With all the money and authority that goes to the doctor the flip side is the responsibility falls on them too. AI can give suggestions as they can process more information faster and show what seemed to work in the past with similar conditions. However the doctor will need to look at the data and accept or reject that info. So the blame will go to him.

Comment Re: Not an error. A lie. (Score 4, Informative) 338

I'm aware of how the Laffer curve works, but most reputable economic studies show the top of the curve is at around a 60% top marginal tax rate. Anything lower than that and you are losing revenue. In any case, I am just going by what the budget itself claims. It counts the same two trillion twice, read the articles, it's a basic math error.

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