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Comment Re:Who cares if we are hungry... (Score 1) 419

One-ton pickups? You mean like the F350? They've had diesels in medium-sized trucks(F250/2500/etc) since the 80's, and still have them.
That being said, if you want a new truck with a diesel and a stick, you have to go with a Ram.
Anyway, I agree on the bullshit regs; they are just trying to prevent most from going with Diesel.
Why? I'm thinking it's so the flow of gasoline can be restricted if needed without impacting all of the commercial rigs, which are all diesel.

Comment Re:Who cares if we are hungry... (Score 1) 419

Heck, why process it into ethanol? Make Biodiesel, which is a far less energy-intensive process, and if you do it right can be fine for your engine.

Personally though, I expect the real reason for ethanol is to get people buying new cars when they wouldn't otherwise, and get "junkers" off the road. I mean, when your seals go, and it costs you lots of money to keep the vehicle going, why not go with a new vehicle at 0% down?

Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 1) 450

To be fair, Harbor Freight sells incredibly cheap MIG welders, in the sub-$300 range. Videos on youtube can show you how, or any of the myriad of other sources of info on the Internet.
If someone wanted to, I'm sure they could get everything needed for less than $500(which is what, the cost of a new pistol?), and learn enough to do it within a month.

Comment Re:Good one Youtube (Score 1) 450

Have you seen those shredders/remelters which can take existing plastic and make new 3d printing wire from it? Sounds like that'd prevent all sorts of tracking - just get some junk plastic(either consumer stuff, or better yet, waste from an injection moulding machine), grind it up, and make what you want from it untracably.

Comment Re:Upgrade to 6.1? (Score -1) 266

To be fair, in ny neck of the woods, there's only one city nearby where there's LTE, and only a couple of spots where there's 3G. I'm lucky to get GPRS most of the time, and there's even blank spots on the highway I drive to work on where there is /NO/ reception, so... I don't see the point of LTE.

Comment Re:Proper multitasking (Score 1) 587

I'm still using my N900 for that, because it works so well. Even my N950 can't compare in terms of ease of multitasking.
Also, stock N900 browser is far better than any other browser I've seen for *any* platform, with features like a selection mode for copying text or "dragging" elements of the webpage(like when you're using Google Maps), copy (link/image) address/save (link/image) as menus... it's great for appearing to be a desktop.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 913

I've found the same thing - TrackPoint/clit mice are great. Touchpads are not.
That being said, I find the scrolling feature of my touchpad to be far nicer than using the middle button on my TrackPoint to scroll.
Actually, that sort of kinetic scrolling is quite nice, and is the one redeeming thing about touchscreens.

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