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Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 1) 589

Thought you might want to know, you're not the only one. I'm a bit older now (30, not 25), and did about the same. I went to two years of college, but didn't complete even an associates. Basically I went long enough to meet someone who could get me a job coding. From there a string of code->network->code->code jobs for eight years. The only real difference is, I built my family first. It might slow the career down a little, but it's well worth it.

If you want to do well as a developer, be the most kick ass coder you ca, and be nice to non-coders. Everything else will sort of work itself out.

Comment Re:Have some shame (Score 1) 589

He didn't say demon, he said daemon. You know, a small service that runs in the background? Although I'm puzzled as to why the poster might think that having daemons would make someone want to commit suicide. Perhaps a memory leak in one was causing little room for other things in his life? Maybe a UI nagging daemon was constantly at the front of his mind, and he couldn't concentrate on anything else?

I love the analogy of the human brain vs. the computer system. Daemons to demons etc.

On a more serious note though, I'm glad that thus far /.-ers have taken a good tone about this. There is a time to poke fun, and a time to be serious. This is someone who tried for years to fight for many things we all hold strong feelings about (internet freedom, freedom of information, etc).

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