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Comment Re:Denying Crimea invasion (Score 3, Interesting) 139

Always a difficult issue, annexing territory with approval of the population.

Not difficult at all. First of all, how do you even know, there was an actual "approval of the population"? Residents of an occupied territory "voting" in support of the occupying power — is that really that convincing to you?

But even if a respectable proportion did sincerely want Russia to come over and "protect them". Imagine Mexico "reinforcing" Southern California and Arizona... Why? To protect the Spanish speaking people from the imminent threat of "Nazis" — like Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio... And claim "historical ownership" of the lands going back to Santa Anna.

Will you really have any difficulty deciding, whether it was an "invasion" and seek a different term? What if they promptly organize a referendum on whether to join Mexico — will you accept its results?

we can still talk to them and respect them on the international stage

No, we can't. Russia delenda est. The country — since long before Lenin — is a constant threat to liberty and peace world-wide with nothing especially valuable to justify it... There is definitely nothing to "respect" them for — not even their lousy weaponry.

Comment On cowardice (Score 1) 139

Why did Americans turn into McCarthyist, bedwetting cowards

It is not cowardice to fight your enemy, quite the opposite.

Now, if we ignored Russia's aggressions — such as because they have nukes, or because we don't want to interfere with what they do to their immediate neighbors — now that would've been cowardice. Yes...

Comment Denying Crimea invasion (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Propaganda works by citing a Russian invasion of Crimea that never happened

During 2014, maybe, it was excusable to believe this lie.

But when, a year later, Russian TV broadcast an entire movie celebrating the invasion — and Putin's direct involvement in it — the excuse vanished. In particular, during the interview, that is part of the film, Putin says:

I ordered Minister of Defense, why hide, under the guise of reinforcing our military installations in Crimea, to transfer forces of GRU there, marines, and paratroopers. [...] Our advantage was that I was personally involved. Not because I did everything right, but because the country's top people are involved, things are easier for the operators on the ground".

The cat's been out of the bag since March 2015. Your continuing to lie about it does not help Russia — it just exposes you as an asshole.

Lie to people often enough and they eventually believe it.

Yep, this is generally true. But it will not help you here.

Comment Re:cheap (Score 1) 78

And to claim yours, judging by the usual verbiage of such settlement agreements, the victims would have to list, when they opened an account, what their username was, how much they paid and other details... And it will, probably, all become part of the official record somewhere — not just buried in a database dump on "Dark Web".

No one expects anyone other than the lawyers to get paid. But that may be good enough — because the point here was not to compensate the victims, but to punish the wrong-doers. Whether $11mln is a lot or not depends on what the company brought in before it all broke apart due to the data-breach.

Comment WTF is "Sexually Suggestive Assault"?! (Score 0) 79

assaulting her in a sexual manner during a company retreat

Was it a sexual assault?..

Kim is suing over sexual harassment and discrimination, assault and battery

Ok, so it was — or is alleged to have been — a sexual assault. Why would anyone call it sexually suggestive instead?

Comment Re:Lies, damned lies, and Slashdot headlines (Score 1) 150

Again where did your $100M estimate come from?

An educated guess. Point remains, there is a gaping omission in TFA... So gaping, so obviously contrary to the journalistic rules and traditions, that it can only be deliberate. A lie by omission.

By your logic when reporting on the Holocaust, journalism must present the Nazis in a favorable light.

You didn't finish reading the page I linked to... But you did trip over Godwin's Law.

Remember to logout.

Comment Re:Lies, damned lies, and Slashdot headlines (Score 1) 150

So to counter research someone has done you've put out your "guess".

No. You are incorrect. Wrong.

Here is the correct statement: to counter the research someone has done, I pointed out a gaping omission in it.

What part of journalism says that an article has to be fair to both sides?

Uh, I dunno, maybe this part?

Balance and fairness are classic buzzwords of journalism ethics: In objective journalism, stories must be balanced in the sense of attempting to present all sides of a story. Fairness means that a journalist should strive for accuracy and truth in reporting, and not slant a story so a reader draws the reporter’s desired conclusion.

And you know this how?

"I keep my eyes open when I go about the world."

You claim not to be a journalist yet you know exactly what work was done and not done.

Weird, is not it? I wish, journalists knew as much about some other profession — any other profession — as I know about theirs...

Comment Re:Lies, damned lies, and Slashdot headlines (Score 1) 150

Citation needed

Nope. Because I said: "probably" — mine was explicitly a "guestimate", which no reasonable person could possible (mis)construe as an assertion of fact.

You first.

I'm decidedly not a journalist. Slashdot editors and TFA's author(s) pretend to be. Why is an article citing an amount spent by one side not cite an spent by the opponents? At best, that's because the authors are simply lazy.

At worst, that's because the other side spent a comparable (or even much greater) amount and citing both will diminish the propaganda impact of the piece. See also "lie of omission".

Comment Re:Lies, damned lies, and Slashdot headlines (Score 1) 150

So 3 ISPs and 200+ other companies together spent $572 million over 10 years. That's less than $300k per company per year.

And we still do not know, how much the fans of the draconian measure have spent to advance it — yesterday's hysterics, probably, cost something like $100mln just for one day...

But we do not know such details, because researching and reporting such information would be journalism...

Submission + - Private company aims to build a Moon base by 2020 (

mi writes: Moon Express, founded in 2010 to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, says it is self-funded to begin bringing kilograms of lunar rocks back to Earth within about three years. “We absolutely intend to make these samples available globally for scientific research, and make them available to collectors as well,” said Bob Richards, one of the company’s founders, in an interview.

Submission + - State of California EV and PHEV car buyer rebates 'neglected to be funded' (

neilah writes: Whoops. Despite California Governor Jerry Brown signing off on the state's new budget, funds for the EV and PHEV state-level rebate program were 'neglected to be funded'. EV and PHEV vehicle purchasers are being placed in a queue, since June 30, 2017, to " ...ensure [California] only issue[s] rebates up to the amount currently funded."

Comment Re:Regulation helps incumbents (Score 2) 126

The problem here is that it's incumbent vs incumbent.

Nope, you misunderstood.

I'm lucky. [...] should my provider try anything funny I'm gone before he's done

Yes, you are lucky to have a choice of competing service-providers. My argument is, government regulation reduces competition, making all people less lucky and some — completely unlucky.

Comment Re:I do not trust giants worrying about "little gu (Score -1, Troll) 126

You are aware that the fight for net neutrality precedes 2014 right?

The write-up this. If you wish to dispute it, you need to offer citations. When did the regulations about to be abolished come into effect?

Some owners decided they can charge more for premium

How is this wrong?

For example, consumer ISPs like Verizon want to do it but Tier 1 providers like Level 3 don't.

So? Why should it be the concern of the government and the citizenry, what these private companies do?

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