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Comment War crime, what war crime? (Score 1) 288

I never or rarelly see a shooter that allow you to even commit any war crime. You can't kill/torture prisoners since military shooters never let the other side surrender you can't kill or torture civillian and children since they don't exist in 99.999% of all military shooters. The only game that I can think of that all about commiting wholescale genocide is DEFCON. This is the kind of crap that peoples who don't really know the gaming scene will come up with.

Comment Re:I do not understand why this is a story (Score 1) 740

Whoever set this up wanted to be at the exact time that the news was legal to cover their tracks they made a mistake and the computers code pushed the button 7 millisecond too soon. The good news is that the market keep extremely accurate records it has to because of high frequency trading. The bad news the way bankers own the goverment I don't think anybody gonna see the inside of a cell. Now here a better question why is the feds releasing that kind of news in the middle of the day?

Comment Re:Great Deal (Score 1) 308

The day pass is a great deal how many movie would I really want to pay $16 for? Not that many but I pay $16 to spend a whole day at the theatre once in a while maybe watch the same movie twice or take a chance for your second or third movie on something you're not sure you like but are curious. It change the whole experience from one of quick consumption to one of exploration.

Comment Re:Not Quite Yet... (Score 1) 308

I heard about that and to make it work you either have to be filthy rich and don't care about the cost and or have a very large family... But I could so see one of these rich gated community invest in one of those for their daycare centre/community room.

Comment Re:Great Deal (Score 1) 308

When you think about it the multiplex is the only medium build that way. Cable and Sat got classic channel for classic TV and Movie, Libraries and Amazon got classic section with great author highlighted. Radio whatever it in FM/AM or streaming got classic channel for every genre of music you could think off. The Multiplex is the only medium dedicated to pumping new content all the time the faster they can milk a movie the better.

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