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Comment Re:The three questions I found most interesting (Score 0) 243

_ we have lived + died "one thousand years" under the nazi flag. people don't wanna see this shit anymore. it is a ban based on common sense + on a decision people here made. we don't have a tsa, a homeland security or a department, which can put down sites.
your favoured "white pride" sites are not banned. you can access it freely. but nobody here cares, except the "old ones" but they are far to dumb to read + understand a foreign language.

Comment Re:Good :) Now, can they teach creationism?? (Score 1) 947 _

_ you believe in an intelligent designer? A lazy one, who needs billions of years to give us his words, which is in its first parts contrary to evolutionary knowledge? A creator of people who have to told nice little tales about 5yo kid to convince scientist, geeks + nerds. You kick your society back into stone age, if your science based on fairy tales. There is no afterlive, there is no god. And people are intelligent, because they don't believe in gods

_ it's thinking.

Comment Re:Will this get Americans out of their SUV/Pickup (Score 1) 417

_ we have a lot of snow, ice, storm + vast rain here in Germany. Much more than sun. AND over 55 mio. cars on the street. Stuffed with electronic of every kind. Snow + ice isn't a big issue anymore. Furthermore we have partially NO speed limit, but 160 km/h is fast enough to get not chased by the "Luftwaffe" of BMX, Audi + Porsche.

Comment U.S. Department of Comedy _ (Score 2) 391

The Order states among other things, that _

"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the application and this Order are sealed until otherwise ordered by the Court, and that Twitter shall not disclose the existence of the application or this Order of the Court, or the existence of the investigation, to the listed subscriber or to any other person, unless and until authorized to do so by the Court"

_ and within a couple of hours you can find the copy all over the Net, as usual. Another bright action from the U.S. Department of Justice? Hey guys, it is a joke, isn't it?


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