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Comment Because the value added by Linux Mint is not only (Score 1) 254

I use it with Mate since day one.
I'm not a developer but Software architect and Mint Mate just do the job without any cumbersome thing to make it works with a normal stable DE unlike ubuntu.

And The distribution itself [DOESN'T] blacklists updates that work perfectly in Ubuntu and Debian, and the graphical utilities [DO] update the kernel when correctly configured when YRTF !

Comment Philadelphia effect ? (Score 1) 602

Any modification on an environnement will make people to change their behavior to a more acceptable one!

I live in a country where road line disappear 3 to 6 months in a year, every year, because of snow and road deicing, and since is normal for us to not have line, drivers act like asshole with or without line !

Comment Re:Uh this isn't news... (Score 1) 302

Th cloud isn't in the cloud anymore.
In 10130 (the last official build) and in former one, you can't any longer keep you cloud in the clioud you need to install / download all the OneDrive on your computer... but I run it on a tablet with only 64gb of ssd and less than 10gb free after fresh install of windows 10, and I have over 100gb on OneDrive ....
SO I can't use OnDrive

If I configure OneDrive, Windows Freeze, no BSOD, but completly dead. After the reboot, the menu/taskbar didn't works again. the reinstall neither..I had to reformat the drive to reinstall windows.

Comment Google should move on (Score 1, Interesting) 85

Now, Microsoft have a Cloud interface that works on all platform (Win, IOS, OSX, Linux), Google don't.
Now, Microsoft have a Office suite that works on all platform (WIn, Ios, Osx, Linux) Google don't.

It's amazing how a year change in the software market. Yesterday google was the leader, now they aren't there.

Submission + - The Artificial Pancreas for Diabetics Is Nearly Here (

the_newsbeagle writes: It's the tech that type 1 diabetics have long been waiting for: An implanted "closed-loop" system that monitors a person's blood-sugar level and adjusts injections from an insulin pump. Such a system would liberate diabetics from constant self-monitoring and give parents of diabetic children peace of mind. Thanks to improvements in glucose sensors and control algorithms, the first artificial pancreas systems are now in clinical trials.

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