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Submission + - Romanian witches used Google to tell fortune (austriantimes.at)

Hentes writes: The internet has made many things easier, but unfortunately this also includes crime: it seems that nowadays not even people wanting to know their future are safe from fraud. Two gipsy fortune tellers are being investigated, after the Romanian police uncovered that they have utilised some extraordinary help in their clairvoyant acts. The pair used information collected from internet search and social networks to gain the trust of their costumers, claiming that they could see their personal data through their crystal ball. In some cases, they also used high-tech surveillance techniques such as hidden cameras and phone tapping. But they didn't stop at merely spying on their victims: their most bizarre case involved a scuba diver dressed as a "Loch Ness monster".
The duo are suspected of fraud, illegal wiretapping, and also bribery of the prosecutor

Comment when i was a kid (Score 2) 33

i got a little "electronics kit" as a birthday present and the additional modules every year after it was a great experience and kinda brought me into the whole electronics/pc world such kits were also available from the same manufacturer for chemistry i would sure love to see this printing technology made into such products as they are a great way to play&learn imho

Submission + - Linux Vendors Need To Sell More Than Linux (itworld.com)

jfruh writes: "Mandriva, a venerale Linux distro, is on the verge of shutting down. One of its main problems is that it never grew into more than just an OS vendor. The big players in the commercial Linux space — Red Hat, SuSE, Canonical — all built Linux into their larger computing visions. Is there any room in the marketplace for just a straight-up Linux distro anymore?"

Submission + - Bloggers Sneak into Russian Rocket Factory 3

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Remember Elena, who took us on motorcycle tour through Chernoby in 2004. Now young Russian blogger Lana Sator has broken into the Energomash plant outside Moscow showing a decrepit and seemingly deserted plant, with paint peeling off machinery and piles of junk outside. She and her friends apparently sneaked through a hole in the fence under cover of darkness and were able to access many of the plant's buildings unchallenged, including the control room. Russian media cited a senior space agency official, speaking anonymously, who describes the breach as a shock of the same scale as German pilot Mathias Rust's brazen Cessna flight under Soviet radar to land on Red Square in 1987 while Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says the security failure is "unacceptable," warning in a televised meeting with Roskosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin that "sleepy cats" who fail to maintain security at strategic defense sites face punishment. Sator has posted pictures of decrepit-looking hardware on her blog (google translate) from inside a rusted engine-fuel testing tower and the plant's control room."

Comment Re:Optical? (Score 1) 502

you have to be honest and don't speak of europe when you boast with your incredible connection speeds in austria (wqhich is in the middle of europe btw) you can get a 16/1.5 MBit (restricted for personal use) DSL connection with 'real' speeds of maybe 8/1 MBit if you're lucky for around 20e/month everything else is much more expensive because of the initial costs and few providers for higher speed solutions like fiber

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