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Comment Re:"It never happens". (Score 1) 295

There is no inevitable march. We stop tech all the time, if it interferes with the prerogatives of the patent or copyright holders, or annoys someone wealthy enough to sue or fabricate a psyop against the tech, as Exxon did with solar and auto makers did with electric cars.
The question is: WHO gets to stop tech when it hurts them. In one case, the wealthy turn change on and off at will. In the other, we stop tech to save our own lives, as we don't need to automate many things. Automation is happening because the wealthy are greedy as hell and don't care what happens. They invent religions of faux economics and blindered viewpoints to justify their greed, but in the end, you're gonna be impoverished and they're gonna get richer, and we all will suffer and falter.

Comment The end game? Robot corps talking to each other (Score 1) 295

Let's extrapolate.
AI and automation continue. Accountants, lawyers, some engineers, coders, logistics planners, truck drivers, project managers slowly, then instantly, disappear.
The profits go into the pockets of the management, the CEO layer, and capital funds who own the companies. Stockholders, sure, but as we've seen, corps do not pay dividends any more. You make money by playing guess-the-future-price in a casino where the capital funds are the house and take a huge payday. You can win, or lose, but the house always wins.
What happens?
Wealth is driven into a comparatively tiny group of interlocking "families" of capital wealth that become our first trillionaires.
AIs run the capital fund complexes.
Hell, the AIs litigate and negotiate with each other.
It's a world of god-princes and goddess-princesses that inherit all the wealth and don't interact with the norms, making literally all the new money. They use the money to complete the cycle and own all the resources and governments (see Russia). Nothing can touch them, as we're seeing now, not laws, not lawmakers, not a single government. The only conflict will be the gods fighting amongst themselves in arenas we're not even privy to know exist.
What happens to us? You tell me.

Comment Re:"It never happens". (Score 1) 295

Also, the game-changer that will really raise consciousness is that the high-end, well-paying jobs requiring massive skills will be ended. This round, It's not just the average schmuck that's gonna live in his kid's basment for the rest of his life. It will be lawyers, accountants, CEO's, and much of middle-management. Welcome to the party, pals.

Comment Problem is WHO get the jobs. Won't be the fired. (Score 1) 295

As the post subject says, jobs may be created. But the ten or twenty million cab and truck drivers will not be qualified, by age, location, skillset, or social contacts to get those jobs. And especially in the case of well-paid truck drivers, tens of millions who depend on the income of their driver family member will be impoverished as their wages are cut 75% or more, with all the crime and drug use that engenders.

The point of the Luddites was not to stop the future; they wanted to be compensated by those newly enriched by their destruction so that they would not be driven into destitution. They failed in this, and like many on-point labor and social contract protests since the 18th century, they were villified and made into a mockery, while at the same time being exactly right. They weren't cut in on the new profits, so they were driven into destitution. London filled up with the new poor and turned into a jungle of desperate grifts and prostitution, the hallmarks of a sudden removal of incomes from a society. Of course, as since the 17th century, the ruined population was blamed for their moral shortcomings for being poor, and savagely policed and imprisoned, while a small group at the top enjoyed their former wealth, newly diverted into their pockets. World War II temporarily reversed this condition, but we're back at it again.

We need to get out of this cycle of incinerating the middle class, then blaming and ostracizing them for what was done to them. We need to literally share the wealth. We've a new cycle of greed and ideology on the rise.

Comment Sadly, here's how they make it stick (Score 4, Insightful) 192

Here's how this works for them in the end:

THE FREE MARKET! As in There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Market.

  ** Every other drone manufacturer requires that you do the same. The end. **

It's how we have encrypted BIOS, encrypted car engine diagnostics, and cell phones that don't have manual cutoffs on the camera and mic. How we have no choice in internet and cell phones providers when it comes to privacy. They just copy each other's requirements. Emergent multopoly.

Comment Re:Because unemployment is the road to riches (Score 1) 389

Indeed. United and coordinated opposition to power of capital holders has become damned near impossible, because they own the surveillance systems, as it were. Not just the physical layers, but the police, internal spy agencies, and the very government officials themselves. Also, they can deploy countermeasures such as managed personas and indeed, entire fake news networks. They are BUYING the mechanisms which used to deter them - Sinclair Communications, anybody? Dr. Evil is quite real now.

Comment Re:Because unemployment is the road to riches (Score 1) 389

History is useless. We've never lived through such times, so predictions are silly. The prime factors in the spread of wealth to labor, rather than owners, were two: the Black Plague, which decimated the population and drove up wages, and the worlds wars, which annihilated the wealth of the owners. We're witnessing now the triumph of capital ownership over the general popilation, as no catastrophe has put the brakes on their accumulation.

Comment Re:Seems like a good idea to me... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

Why would a developer build anything but the priciest luxury rentals? There is no economic incentive to build small places for small rents. There ain't no such thing as a free market for *renters*. Every advantage and price increase trick is on the side of the the property owners.

Developers will never, ever build enough units to drop rental prices. That would be stupid. They will build to keep supply high for the highest incomes, and let the lower price units dribble away into condos, which keeps rents high and induces more pricey condo contrstuction.

There is no incentive whatsoever to build cheap apartments. A decentive, really, because the neighbors will fight to the death anyone who tries to put low-income people in their Zillow Zone.

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