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Comment Re:Let's all have a good laugh at Rudy's tech secu (Score 1) 280

Call me if he starts trying to run an email server to pass classified infomartion to skirt federal record keeping rules on that same box, THEN you might have a story.

You mean if he inappropriately revealed classified information, like worthless piece of shit Trump's national security advisor Michael Flynn?

Comment Re:Random aspersions (Score 1) 280

For contrast, note that Bush appointed a crony as head of FEMA who completely fell on his face during Katrina, and Obama appointed Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan, who was completely outmastered in our recent Japanese treaty negotiations(*).

So, Bush and Obama were both shitty Presidents. I think that has been firmly established. Should we just give worthless piece of shit Trump a pass since the other Presidents were shitty, too?

Comment Re:Uh... really? (Score 1) 204

The US does whatever the hell it wants, and doesn't care overly much about world opinion.

And rightfully so. If you want it handled differently, clean it the fuck up yourself.
The problem with a pre-emptive strike in NK is all of the artillery standing-by ready to fire into SK. We could easily steamroll NK, but it would cause massive casualties to our allies in SK.

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