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Comment Re:most of the PAY warez sites seems to seen scams (Score 1) 421

Interesting...perhaps there's a field of anthropological economics, or economic anthropology, that needs a TED talk and an RSAnimate session. That's a whole area of human interaction that needs a more scientific understanding of how and why we work, rather than the handed-down morality taboos that make up the bulk of the code in our OS.

Comment Re:Spain beats with a fascist heart (Score 1) 229

THAT is chilling. Perhaps WikiLeaks could not have waited any longer, as this small building block of ACTA may have been rushed a little, causing it to fail. There should be an echo effect against Canada's Bil C-32, which holds TPMs as the trump card over top of every other "gimme" spun by the PR machine pushing for it's passing. Enough of these documents come out and get examined by lot of smart people with access to pattern recognition techniques and some simple cause & effect logic, and the Illuminati may be revealed!

Comment Re:Patents are terrible for the little guy (Score 1) 71

You've pointed out a real problem with the obsolescence of both monetary systems and the rules that govern them, as well as the legal system that is used to achieve balance. This is a bit like Galileo and the Roman Inquisition; "Never mind about he proofs and that mumbo-jmbo we don;t understand! We're the power, and you'll do as we say! Or Else!" The hamstringing of real creativity is the business constraints. I have no idea what could make the paradigm shift here, but clearly with the large number of variable in flux, the conservatism inherent in current economics and legislation is woefully wasteful.

RIAA, MPAA Recruit MasterCard As Internet Police 421

An anonymous reader writes "Two weeks ago, MasterCard felt the wrath of Anonymous Operation Payback-style DDoS attacks after refusing to process payments that were intended to fund WikiLeaks, the website which began leaking confidential US diplomatic cables last month. Now, the company is preparing to head down another controversial path by pledging to deny transactions which support websites that host pirated movies, music, games, or other copyrighted content. MasterCard lobbyists have also been in talks with entertainment industry trade groups, including the RIAA and the MPAA, and have made it clear that the company will support the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA), sources close to the talks have said."

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