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Comment Re:OK... (Score 1) 106

You know, instead of passing a law to order the FCC to enforce arbitrary policies set by a commission, they could use the opportunity to pass actual consumer protection type Net Neutrality rules.

Leave it to Congress to not do anything right.

To be fair, a law would be like texting your intentions to a partner in a sketchy relationship versus promising something verbally with neither witnesses nor readily available recording equipment.

A reversible Presidential proclamation has the ambiguity necessary for those in power to get behind vigorously until the test proves out.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 2) 103

Yeah, the glass solar roof will do great against golf and baseball size hail.

No roofing materials do. In the event electricity-generating shingles reach a reasonable price point, insurance premiums will adjust to accommodate them.

Insurance companies already reluctantly absorb the replacement cost of cedar shingles, metal roofing, and architectural shingles by premium adjustment... they are engineered not to lose money.

Submission + - The Orange Goo Used In Everything From Armor To Football Helmets (

dryriver writes: CNN has a story about a slimy, gooey orange gel developed by British company D3O as far back as 1999 that is very soft and fluid-like normally, but that hardens immediately when it receives an impact: It's a gel that acts as both a liquid and a solid. When handled slowly the goo is soft and flexible but the moment it receives an impact, it hardens. It's all thanks to the gel's shock-absorbing properties. "If I wrap it around my fingers, it's very soft," Felicity Boyce, a material developer at D3O, told CNN, "but if you hit it with great force, it behaves more like a solid that's absorbing the shock and none of that impact goes through my hand." American football has become a huge market for the British company, where the gel is incorporated in padding and helmets to absorb the impact of any hits a player receives. D3O claims it can reduce blunt impact by 53 per cent compared to materials like foam. The material can also be put inside running shoes to improve performance and reduce the risk of foot injury. Usain Bolt ran with D3O gel insoles in his shoes at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The material is being tested in body armor. "While we don't have a material that can stop a bullet, we do have a material that can reduce the amount of trauma that your body would experience if you got shot." There are also soft smartphone casings using the gel that harden when the phone is dropped and hits a hard surface.

Comment Re:How about you butt out ? (Score 1) 135


The Germans, the French, and the Americans have notably stepped forward in support of the protesters... and nearly every western democracy would issue an opinion if asked.

Whether or not this aids the ruling Islamic regime is an interesting point for debate, but the shutdown of the internet and ongoing suppression of the freedom of speech will either snuff out the spark of revolution or kindle it. Either way, those in power will try to blame outside influence, rather than internal unrest, for the dissent.

Comment Re:How about you butt out ? (Score 1) 135

Like the previous administration didn't meddle in overseas affairs too... They may have had a different perspective on when it was appropriate and in the USA's interest, but they meddled a LOT in various things going on overseas. It's pretty much been the case since the USA came into existence in the 1700's where we got involved in various conflicts that didn't directly involve us.

Yes. Like every influential nation ever, and much like the French and British meddling in the affairs of the fledgling American nation.

Comment Re:Mengele would be happy (Score 2) 75

For Mengele, and the researchers who would use the blossoming gene editing technology to the detriment of humankind, the enemy of their goals is the dissemination of the newest discoveries. Much like nuclear age technology and weaponization, the only way to keep it potentially safe is to achieve a level of balance among competing and cooperating factions (nation-states).

Tribalism, our predisposition to conformity, and an innate distrust of those who are different are best overcome by balanced detente, at least in our present state of evolution as a species.

Take heart. We've had the ability to end human existence on earth for 70+ years, and it hasn't happened yet!

Comment Re:Goodbye (Score 2) 38

I'm an EE, and love technology but the Internet has turned to fucking shit and much of it needs pulling the plug on now, permanently. Good luck and much love.

20 years ago, give or take a season, there was much less available internet content and there were far fewer users. Of the users in the wild, wild west of '98, I'd say it's a fair gambit a much larger portion of the crowd had tech or computer backgrounds.

There is no surviving 20+ years on a fickle internet without some compromise to cover the bills. Sad and not very idealistic, but it's the World the internet has grown into.

Hope you'll reconsider.

Comment Re:Reporting on this is terrible (Score 1) 681

A decent system allows for innocent people to be confused and not comply instantly, without getting executed on the spot.

A police officer could carry a shield to protect himself, instead of a finger on the trigger.

Great points.

Nonetheless, the reality in police confrontation in America is that your life is in genuine jeopardy. You don't even have to be a minority to be at risk, although being a black American may eventually become a survival advantage, since you're already more likely to fear the confrontation.

Comment Re:Reporting on this is terrible (Score 1, Insightful) 681

A death had already been reported at the residence, with future deaths eminent. The poor bastard who opened the door did not comply instantly with their instructions, as he was righteously confused... but he does appear to make some ill-advised quick movement with shaky spotlights and police rifles trained on him.

Right or wrong is, unfortunately, for later discussion... if living through the ordeal is your goal, just put your fracking hands up and move slowly.

Comment Re:Reporting on this is terrible (Score 4, Insightful) 681

To say that they just rolled up and shot the first person they saw is only showing your bias and not what was reported.

Essentially, they did just that, shooting the 1st person to come to the door... bad luck he fit the physical description of the reported assailant. From the footage, it appears the police are hundreds of feet from the front door, so in exchange for placing themselves at a relatively safe distance, discerning a sudden move as harmful intent or honest-to-goodness surprise was near impossible.

Moral of the story? When the police have weapons trained on you, hopefully you don't need to sneeze...

Comment Re:bubble founder and his equally bubble critics (Score 1) 158

"... scrambling to curtail (some of) the manipulation he now acknowledges exists" facebook founder, users, employees, and critics, all seem to live in a bubble, spouting nonsense back and forth, about a non-incident, backed with no independently verifiable evidence, made up entirely of unverified allegations about, relatively minuscule ad spending by unidentified americans with, fuzzy at best, connections several nodes removed from anything real named kremlin.


Hmmm. Perhaps Zuckerberg is Presidential material.

Comment I'd say this is good news (Score 2) 158

That The Facebook needs saving is encouraging news... that seems to indicate its popularity and influence is waning.

Even if this is true, it's sad to realize the genie is out of the bottle on this type of social media platform, and something else will replace or compete with Zuck's digital progeny.

Here's to hoping we don't get a replacement that's actually worse, on the order of trading Saddam Hussein for ISIS.

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