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Comment Re:Kennedys in the Enquirer (Score 1) 80

Musk hypes everything up, he loves attention and so he gets attention in return. Plus, Tesla is a growth company with a lot of legitimate questions regarding sustainability (see link below), so the investment analysts are going to talk about it a lot. There are reports on other car companies, but their are fewer question marks with established companies, and those articles don't get posted on slashdot.

Ever drive by those car lots that have the most flamboyant, garish, ubiquitous television advertisements? They are always full of people kicking tires.

There may be Space entrepreneurs strapped for cash and investors, but it ain't the South African.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable, actually (Score 1) 944

The only thing I find annoying is that I wish they would go after Trump with the same enthusiasm as they went after some random no-account internet troll. Trump is literally reshaping the reality of US with his words. I remember "Fake News" used to mean "News that was fabricated, with maybe a sprinkle of facts to give it legitimacy". Now it means "Anything Trump doesn't like". And a disturbing number of people haven't even noticed the change.

I'm no Trump defender, but actually, CNN does "go after Trump" with enthusiasm. The zeal with which the (formerly) most respectable news channel attacks the Trump administration plays into the fake news narrative that he sells to his base.

Facts are now dismissible as bias, and the enthusiasm you yearn for is partly to blame.

Comment Re:Doesn't belong here (Score 3, Insightful) 605

Charles Bronson, indeed; yet, Carlos Ray (Chuck) Norris gets all the tough guy memes...

A Minnesota woman has been charged with manslaughter after she shot and killed her boyfriend as part of the pair's attempt to become YouTube celebrities...

Turns out, the celebrity they achieved was beyond what they imagined, as was its cost.

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